Hey Love, I'm Emily!

I help ambitious women entrepreneurs & leaders embrace soulful strategies for sustainable success so that they can create more impact + income in business, and beyond.

I’m on a mission to help you walk the path less traveled with a greater sense of flow and less stuckness, by developing the confidence and clarity on your journey, the freedom to embrace & express your whole self, and the readiness to serve up your unique soul contribution to the world you live + lead in.

It breaks my heart when I see women trying to "make it in a man's world" instead of recognizing the magic, wisdom, influence, and power she holds in her bones as a feminine being.

I believe that when we embrace + express our innate feminine wisdom as ambitious women, we stop working harder & start working smarter.

As we create a more harmonious way of showing up in the world, to our work, and with ourselves, we banish the overwhelm, stress, and stuckness that most people believe is just something to “push through.”

Unfortunately, this unsustainable approach is the dominant cultural narrative around what it requires of us to be "successful," but I believe there’s a way to be "successful" that feels more enlivening than exhausting.

When we commit to doing the real strategic visioning, mindset, and structural work for ourselves + our businesses, we create a sense of flow and ease that extends into all we do, creating results that last for us and for those we serve and lead.

When we ignore or distrust our innate feminine wisdom, as we’re conditioned to do growing up, we end up operating primarily from our heads, in survival mode, and struggle as we frequently bounce from one extreme of full-out sprint toward achievement to depleted procrastination and avoidance.

It's time to start working smarter by leveraging our cyclical nature to create sustainable success that feeds our souls, in business and beyond.



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Meet Emily

Emily Cassel is a Mentor Masterclass Certified Life, Business, + Leadership Coach for soulful + ambitious women on a mission to make the world a better place.

She holds a BA in Psychology, Marketing, & Sustainable Food Systems from Chatham University, has been recognized as one of the top 100 Life Coach Blogs by Feedspot, and her work has been featured on The Huffington Post and Best Kept Self, among other notable online publications.

Emily is the podcast host of Sexy Soulful Success, where she holds a space for visionary conversations with inspiring women leaders to redefine success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.

Through all she does, Emily guides ambitious women toward their greatest aliveness + success by embracing more freedom, flow, and fulfillment through a revolutionary approach to sustainable success that avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness. 

By connecting to the power within, being part of a like-hearted group of women in sisterhood, clarifying your soul's mission, & embodying an approach to taking inspired action that brings your vision to life, Emily believes that all women can create world-changing impact.