I help visionary women create successful businesses that feel sexy, soulful, + successful. 

I believe our work is an extension of our souls and that our true purpose in life is to be as fully alive as possible, so that we can make the world a better place.

And the most effective ways I've discovered that happens (for women specifically) is through 1:1 coaching, sisterhood support, + a revolutionary new approach to leadership for women in the 21st century that gives us all permission to be our most authentic + fully expressed selves. 

I have my Bachelor's in Psychology from Chatham University, and am a Mentor Masterclass Certified Coach.

I've studied coaching, sisterhood, feminine business, and goddess archetypal healing under my mentor, Jeannine Yoder, for 2 full years.

I've read so many books on personal development, womanhood, spirituality, and business that I've lost count.

I've received coaching from top coaches in the coaching industry.

I've had countless conversations with women entrepreneurs who are carving out a new way to do business soulfully and live their lives fully, while making great money + being a force for positive change in the world.

I've served hundreds of women in my coaching practice directly through my group programs and 1:1 coaching.

I've hosted countless sisterhood gatherings, women's circles, + women-focused workshops.

And what I hear time and time again while doing this work?

The way we've been taught to be "successful" isn't working.

Instead, we're burnt out, depleted, stressed, out of balance, confused, and feeling more lost than ever.

My personal development journey spans waaaaay back into my early childhood. I've always believed that truly anything is possible, and was obsessed with the study of success and happiness even as a 9-year-old, assessing and becoming aware of all the examples around me of what that didn't look like. I always knew I was meant to do something BIG, meaningful, and impactful in the world, and that by living my dreams, I could help others do the same from my experience walking my own path, as well as research. 

I've been told that I have a unique gift of quickly connecting with someone's soul, on a deep level, and seeing what's really possible for them.

In high school + college, I was ALWAYS signing up for and taking on leadership positions, and was a textbook over-committed perfectionist.

Although my desire was to be at the forefront of creating change for the good of others and the world at large, my approach was toxic.

Before I “retired” to bring my true gifts, pure love, and mission of healing and empowerment to the incredible women of the world, I worked for a local magazine publishing company in ad sales and event planning.

During that time, my inner over-achiever, workaholic, and perfectionist came out full-fledged, and although externally I was crushing sales goals and making my bosses happy...

I found myself asking the question, "Is this really all there is?" 

I knew deep down that my lifelong passion for personal development wanted to lead me somewhere, and I felt confident that changing my life in a big way meant starting my own business, helping others, and doing what I love every single day.

True success to me also required FREEDOM - the ability to be location-independent, travel often, make great money, and not feel "boxed in" by someone else's rules or standards for my life or career. 

Now, my days include lots of candles, working from my home office or coffee shops, time spaciousness, walks on the beach, oracle cards, lots of journaling, reading, connecting with amazing women and supporting them to live their best lives and create a world-changing impact from the inside-out.

That’s not to say I don’t work hard -- I am completely devoted to my work and my mission.

But now, "work" feels more like play, and it gives me such great pleasure and joy to share my work with my clients, and I have the space to more fully LIVE my life outside of work, too. 

I no longer subscribe to what I call "The Old Paradigm of Success" that tells us to push through, work harder, do more, and be as productive as we possibly can until we're exhausted, or that there's one right way to do anything.

Instead, I live in alignment with my creative flow and cycles, taking impeccable care of myself so that I'm always turned on, lit up, and inspired to take action in the way that feels best to me.

I deeply value the art of womanhood, and the value of balancing my feminine and masculine energies in my business, life, and relationships. 

Through this lensing, I teach ambitious women how to clarify their mission + messages so that they can truly serve the world and create a potent business that is profitable and on-purpose for them. I lovingly hold them accountable for following through on their commitments to themselves so that they can create sustainable and aligned changes in their lives and businesses that ultimately create more freedom, flow, and fulfillment in all they do.

There is always a way to shift gears and change your life for the better -- sometimes, it looks like action, and sometimes it looks like leaning back, surrendering, and trusting.

Both are necessary, both are powerful, and this is a core part of my teachings and approach to business.


  • In using joy as our compass + leaping before we’re ready. 
  • That our external reality is a mirror for what’s going on inside.
  • That the more awareness and willingness we bring to our lives, the more we grow and the more we can truly contribute to the world.
  • That we’re all leaders, regardless of your job title or any external factor that you may currently place your identity upon, because we all have a profound effect on the people around us in every moment.
  • That we should each take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world and that we spread -- it can be a beautiful fire of passion and love, or a destructive fire that will burn us and others we spread it to.
  • In taking care of ourselves deeply and fully. 
  • In ritual, and in life-soul-mission alignment.
  • In everyday ecstasy and total bliss.
  • In popping out of bed in the morning, invigorated to bring more light to the world through your work.
  • In a new paradigm of women’s leadership where we try easier, and embrace a new pace of effortlessness and spaciousness.
  • In knowing, loving, and accepting your WHOLE self -- the parts you’re proud of and those that you’re not proud of.
  • That sisterhood will heal the world, and that we learn the most about ourselves and our triggers when we are in a supportive, safe environment of like-minded women.
  • In community and collaboration over competition.
  • In reverence over comparison or judgement. In women’s divine and inherent gifts that we each come into this world with, and can tap back into through self-awareness and the desire to expand.
  • In glowing expansion and effortless guidance.

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