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A 9-month journey for 13 ambitious women entrepreneurs

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This 9-month journey is for an intimate group of inspired women who are committed to ...

Creating sustainable success that serves them as women

Embracing more freedom in their lives, businesses, + leadership

Devoting themselves to making an impact on the world through their work

Living + Leading an aligned life and business that feel like an extension of their souls

Feeling fully + authentically expressed and visible in their mission + message


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Together, we are creating + cultivating...

FIERCE FEMININE FREEDOM as we gather & rise together

Impactful + embodied Leadership for your mission + message

deeper DEVOTION TO YOUR callings + PURPOSE

SOULful + Aligned Strategy for business growth

SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS in your business & beyond

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Now is a potent time for us as ambitious women, when our voices and work are needed more than ever before. It's time for more women's voices to be heard, soul's work to be done, & impact to be felt.

There is a more aligned way to lead + do business as women of today that doesn't lead to burn-out, stuckness, stress, or overwhelm.  Every woman has the opportunity to create huge impact, not just in our own lives+ businesses, but in our world at large as we rise together.

Through stepping up, speaking out, leading with authenticity + vulnerability, and reclaiming our womanhood, we are leading a personal, professional, + global revolution for generations of women to come. As we gather in sisterhood, we remember our brilliance, power, + truth.

All women will be set free as a result of embracing, expressing, & remembering their innate feminine wisdom. As we remember our wisdom, we begin to embrace + express ALL of ourselves, lead with devotion, and create world-changing impact through the work we're here to do.

when a woman embraces + expresses her innate feminine wisdom in both life + business, it impacts her future, our future as women, and the future of our world.


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Our mastermind journey together includes one luxurious week-long
retreat, 2 virtual day retreats, private & group coaching, training &
resources, mentorship from incredible teachers, and an
inspiring & supportive sisterhood to last a


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Throughout our journey together, we will gathering virtually for two one-day retreats and in person for an all-inclusive one-week international retreat to deepen our connection + experience with ourselves, each other, and our work in the world.

Retreats are a necessary part of running a sustainable business because they allow us to prioritize space away from working IN our businesses to dream bigger, reconnect to our vision, and engage with the higher-level pieces of our businesses that allow for growth, impact, + freedom.

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private coaching with Emily

You'll meet with Emily for monthly 2-hr deep-dive sessions to receive support, soulful strategy, + immense clarity around what you're creating in your life + business. Together, we'll create a holistic action plan that feels enlivening & impactful, and align your head, heart, + soul for greater ease & efficiency in your approach and process. We will rewire your mind to allow your unique definition of success to come to life with less hustle and more flow.


sister circles

You'll be paired with an intimate group of 4 inspiring + supportive sisters to meet weekly for a self-guided circle for additional accountability, cheerleading, & in-depth support. During these calls, you'll create momentum where you need it most, and create connections + bonds to last a lifetime. You'll receive reflections about your unique zone of genius, and have a group of women rallying around your mission who fully understand what you're creating and are excited to champion throughout all 6 months of of journey (and beyond)!


group coaching

We will gather as a group virtually for 2 hrs every month on zoom video/audio conference. This Soulful Strategy Q+A Session will be your safe space to land and ask any burning questions that may arise for you throughout the month. We'll divide the time equally between sisters who are live with us, and each woman will receive laser-coaching on her area of choice to create greater alignment in her life, business, + leadership.


feminine archetypal healing

One of the biggest set-backs to our fullest expression of leadership as women today is that we tend to only show up in one primary way - as one "archetype" within us - by default, leaving the many various and powerful expressions of ourselves dormant.

Each month, you'll be guided to fully access & embody a specific aspect of your fullest expression of power & potency as a woman leader.

This is the most transformational work I've encountered to date, and have studied, practiced, and taught this material from the 13 moon mystery school lineage, which I learned through my mentor Jeannine Yoder, and later through my work with Nisha Moodley and Elayne Kalila Doughty.

I am so grateful for this work in my own experience, as it's allowed both life and business to feel more effortless and magical than I ever believed possible. I can't wait to share it through this experience together in sisterhood!


expert trainings with guest mentors

Past experts have included…

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Stephanie Burg

Nurturing Your Feminine Body + Ambition

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Aimee Eoff


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Nisha Moodley

The Soul of Leadership

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Veronica Grant


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Jen Snyder

Honoring your cycles + self-care

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Niki Wells 

elemental abundance + alchemy


community headquarters

We'll have two virtual "homes" for our sisterhood. One will be on Facebook in a secret members-only group, and the other will be our membership portal with a personal login for you to access call recordings, retreat information, + our schedule. Our intention is to make things as streamlined, efficient, + clear as possible, and we do our best to provide you with access to support, feedback, & resources whenever you need it.


gifts + extra goodies

You'll receive a welcome gift from me before we begin, specially curated with everything you need to create sacred success over the next 9 months of our journey!

There will be many other beautiful surprises along the way :)

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Message from Emily

I am endlessly inspired by women who feel called to follow their soul's callings & use their natural ambition to bring their big visions to life, in service of their own freedom and the betterment of our world. 

My zone of genius is diving into women's businesses alongside them to reflect, revive, + restore their mission, message, + brilliance with soulful strategies that work with & for them as powerful feminine beings. 

Over the past three years in business, I've devoted myself wholeheartedly to creating a new model of business, approach to success, + method for designing a soul-led life + business with women's innate feminine wisdom at the heart of it all. 

This journey is the tapestry I've woven of best practices, results-driven (yet soulful) strategies, + experience-based transformations I've gathered along my own journey. It's a model that addresses the challenges + opportunities facing us as women leaders of today, so that we can truly liberate ourselves, our voices, & our impact.

I can't wait to walk beside you on this journey to freedom, flow, + fulfillment, sister. 

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Who this experience is for...

  • The highly-trained + hard-hustling woman who has checked off all of her external achievements, but is craving more energy, balance, fulfillment + depth and is ready to try a new approach

  • The brilliant woman who feels stuck + in hiding, and knows that she’s meant for more than what the voice in her head that doubts, judges, + plays small tells her she’s capable of

  • The change-making + mission-driven woman who’s running her business with passion, feels like she has to control every piece of her business and is curious what a supportive group of sisters + a coach’s support 1:1 can do to up-level her success

  • The emerging leader who is just beginning her entrepreneurial journey, looking to take her business up a notch (or 10) and create the freedom, income, + impact she left her 9-5 for

  • The conscious dreamer who is ready to re-build or re-structure her existing business to feel more meaningful, aligned, + intentional

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Important Details

Our journey begins together February 4, 2019 on the new moon in Aquarius. 

Our journey will carry through 9 months, and we will end on the full moon in Aries on October 13, 2019.

There are only 13 total spaces available in this mastermind, and spots are filling quickly.

This program is completely virtual with one opportunity to join us in person, and you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

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Welcome home, sister.

If you're feeling called to join us, please fill out the form below ASAP so we can send you an exploration application + more information about the mastermind.

We are currently in session.

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