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Since I launched my business in 2014, it’s been my intention to create high-touch, value-packed, life- and business-altering ways to gather + serve women entrepreneurs who know they’re here to do big work, make an impact, and create the time & financial freedom to live and lead harmoniously.

I know what it’s like to be just starting out, with the desire to have more freedom and do work that you love, and have no idea where to begin. I know what it’s like to work on a budget, and take huge leaps at the same time. I know what it’s like to sort through all the expert advice out there that says you have to do this business stuff one particular way to make 6-figures overnight, while your soul is calling for an entirely different method of leading your life’s work.

The following programs have shifted the lives of women across the globe in huge ways, both personally and professionally, at every stage of their entrepreneurial journeys.

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It’s time to create the business plan that aligns with your soul and that supports you in creating success that’s sustainable. Join me to receive instant access to this e-course to break free from the exhausted hustle mode and the overwhelm that comes with prioritizing time to plan your whole year with intention, and join me for a 3-hour virtual planning session that harmonizes strategy + soul.

Receive Instant Access To:

  • 3-hour video and audio recordings of my annual planning session with my clients

  • My power-packed {fillable} spreadsheet system with different tabs for each step of the soul-aligned goal setting process, implementation, inspired action, content and promotion planning, visioning, & more!

  • My PDF guide to choose your personal power word/theme for the year 

  • My guided meditation audio + PDF guide for honing in and crystallizing your Big Sexy Vision for the year ahead

Are you ready to step into the role of CEO in your life and business, scale to an impactful multiple 6-figure empire, reignite your creativity, reinvigorate your mission + message, and deeply nourish yourself so that you can receive the guidance of your soul’s deepest callings and have the energy to pursue them?

Come join our intimate sisterhood of world-shifters, dreamers, visionaries, and boss Goddesses for a life-altering experience that includes luxurious world travel, masterful strategic support for your business, aligning your business model with your soul’s calling, mindset shifts to up-level your success + satisfaction, so that you can more potently impact those you're here to serve through your important work in the world.  

I know what it’s like to be spinning your wheels in your business, feeling exhausted, operating in a way that still feels a little "makeshift” and hopeful, relying on the internal & external operating systems that have gotten you here, but aren’t going to get you to the next level of income or impact.

You know there’s more you’re here to do, and that can only happen when you say YES to doing things differently, and learning a new way to lead your mission, since you’re already feeling overwhelmed by your full plate.

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Whether you're creating a new offering, pivoting in your business, desiring a deeper connection to your mission + message, experiencing a bit of a lull, or just need a refresh overall, I've got you covered with this private 4-hour intensive session.

Conducted virtually (or in-person, if schedules and locations allow), this session will allow us the time to deep-dive into your soul's wisdom, to strategize a course of action that feels naturally inspiring and aligned, and to build momentum toward a business that's sustainable for you during every season of your life. 

Each session begins with a custom oracle card reading for deeper clarity and guidance. Then, we'll join forces to peel through your business to discover what's working & what's not, ironing out any processes that need to be streamlined, and clarifying anything that's feeling confusing or challenging for you. You'll leave our intensive session with a clear action plan that actually feels fun, to support you in taking your business to the next level of growth & success...with soul. 

We’ll meet for two 60-minute follow-up sessions in the month following our intensive to ensure you stay on track. You’ll also receive continuous support via the Voxer app during our time together. Note: This is the most accelerated way to receive my support!

Our journey in the Business Alchemy Circle includes one beautiful 4-day retreat, monthly group coaching circles, optional monthly private coaching sessions with Emily, and an aligned and supportive sisterhood comprised of high-achieving women entrepreneurs merging the paths of soul-centered leadership and strategic business success.

This is the perfect program for you if you want a tailor-fit experience to meet you exactly where you are in your business journey and help you rise to the next level of growth, service, and sustainability in your work while building a lifestyle you are endlessly inspired and energized by.

Together, we’ll uncover your unique soul’s magic, mission, and message, and align that with a business plan that’s a harmonious blend of strategic and soulful, so that your success actually feels fulfilling and like freedom to you.

We’ll create a growth mindset to reach your next level of financial freedom, foster a richer life (inside and out), refine your branding, build the often overlooked foundations of a sustainable business structure, streamline your processes, create consistent momentum, get you into inspired action, and create massive results.


The Freedom Is Sexy program is for the passionate woman with a soul-aligned side hustle, or even just an inkling that she’s meant to do MORE, to turn her dreams + ideas into reality + results. 

In this 12-week, 6-module group coaching program for aspiring women entrepreneurs, you will learn how to listen deeply to decode your soul’s guidance, take powerful + aligned leaps in your life and work, step into bold inspired action, fully trust your brilliance, and honor your cycles + rhythms to live and work sustainably. 

This experience is designed for a sisterhood of women who are ready to answer their soul’s calling, take the leap from their 9-5, and finally launch the business they came here to create.

Ready to change {y}our world, creating total time + financial freedom?  

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