Annual Membership [Soulful Success Sisterhood]

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Annual Membership [Soulful Success Sisterhood]


Join The Soulful Success Sisterhood Program for a continuous 12 months of soul-support.


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Each month, you'll receive the following tools to support you on your path of soulful success:

  • Monthly Intention-setting call [1 hour LIVE call] (led by Emily) to tune into your wisdom and clarify what you’re ready to release, and what you’re ready to embody

  • Monthly archetypal theme + affirmation [Audio Recording] to focus our energy around an often-overlooked aspect of your feminine power, energy, and leadership

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute video sister circle calls [Self-guided] with your soul-sisters

  • Monthly PDF workbook with journal prompts to help you go deeper, stay present, and reconnect with your purpose

  • Virtual Book Club to deepen your awareness & reconnect to your feminine essence, power, and strength

  • Private Facebook Group to stay connected, share resources, and ask for/receive support

  • More magical surprises along the way!

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