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Are you looking to create an unforgettable experience for the members of your team or organization?

Emily brings a unique, fun, & inspiring edge to workshops, conferences, retreats, and team development specifically designed with biology, evolutionary instincts, psychology, + societal perspectives in mind, making complex and deep concepts tangible and accessible for every person in the room.

In the past, she’s created custom goal-setting workshops for corporate clients like Lululemon Athletica, led gorgeous + intentional networking gatherings for women with a soulful twist, spoken at numerous conferences + retreats, and facilitated retreats for women entrepreneurs + leaders.

She has also spoken to small business + corporate teams of both men and women to help them disrupt patterns, innovate new solutions, learn new methods for creating sustainable success and balance, and thrive personally and professionally. 




Signature Talks

Owning Your Unique Magic

Harnessing The Power of Your Feminine Wisdom

  • Understanding + utilizing your cyclical nature as a tool for increasing productivity

  • How to make aligned decisions using both feelings and logic

  • Cultivating deep self-trust + connection with your inner wisdom

  • Mastering the dance of being both soft & strong as a modern-day woman

  • Accessing and embracing your fullest expression as the woman you're here to be

Balancing Ambition + Ease

cultivating sustainable success in every season of your life + career

  • How to use the four seasons of sustainable success to inform your self-care + actions

  • The in's & out's of creating supportive boundaries between work + life

  • Giving yourself guilt-free permission to rest & simply be instead of "doing"

  • Balancing all of your life's roles while creating an impact

  • Why our obsession with to-do lists isn't helping us achieve more

Harmonizing Strategy + Soul

trailblazing a new success narrative for women entrepreneurs

  • Why our current success model is linear, forceful, + hierarchal and what to do about it

  • Silencing the pesky inner critic that tells us we can't break out of the norm

  • Understanding our primal feminine instincts, wisdom, + needs in the context of modern day life and work

  • How to create a life of powerful impact while maintaining a sense of flow + effortlessness

  • Why "women supporting women" needs to be more than just a hashtag



Photo by Abby Murphy Photography

Photo by Abby Murphy Photography

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Love Notes From The Audience

“Emily helped me feel like I could play big & there was clarity manifesting around my journey. I️ feel nourished & nurtured. The support I️ received was invaluable.”

- Anna

Your presence allowed me to feel safe and supported to truly open the gates back into my power. The extra little touches of beauty placed along this retreat - flowers, music, meditations, food, fire burning - all together felt like the soulful “home” I️ needed to bring me back to receive and share. I️ will always celebrate this amazing time and place with you and am so grateful our worlds divinely came together.”

- Tierney

"This weekend ended up being exactly what I️ needed to break through the barriers/obstacles that were holding me back. Going into this weekend, I️ knew who I️ was and what I️ wanted, but I️ did not know how I️ was going to serve and use my life’s purpose to inspire and grow others. By being surrounded by your energy & wisdom, which is constantly radiating, I️ now know that I️ am well on my path of living a fulfilled life in which I️ can and will inspire others to live mindfully, healthy, & in balance. Thank you for being so warm, welcoming, & accepting of me and my journey.”

- Katherine

"How honored I am to have been present in this circle... to feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to put my best self forward. Thank you for renewing my hope and reigniting my passion for my own path." 

- Brandi

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul + guiding me to use mine! Your insight was truly inspiring + spot on! I can't wait to start implementing your suggestions + celebrate my victories with you!"

- Lorraine