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The Mission of Our Sisterhood

The Soulful Success Sisterhood is a group coaching + sisterhood experience led by Women’s Leadership + Business Coach, Emily Cassel.

This is a 12-month journey for a global community of sisters, that shares a soulful feminine approach to pursuing your sacred mission + creating world-changing impact.

Through monthly meditation, intention-setting rituals, virtual gatherings, group coaching, feminine archetypal healing, self-reflection, and embodiment practices, we weave a beautiful and sacred space for women across the world to beautify {y}our world, together.



Created For You

  • STRATEGIC GUIDANCE around how to clarify + achieve your big vision and goals + create an impact while doing it

  • GROUP-COACHING to align + refine your direction and keep you focused on what's important

  • SISTERHOOD SUPPORT from a global community of like-hearted ambitious women on a mission

  • LIFE-CHANGING TOOLS + RESOURCES to solve your biggest challenges in life + business

  • SPACE FOR YOU TO RECEIVE + RECALIBRATE so that you can feel supported + give more to others by refilling your own cup first

  • EXPANDING YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM so that you stop struggling + striving, and start embracing ease



Receive Life-Changing Tools

Each month, you'll receive the following tools to support you on your path of soulful success:

  • Monthly Intention-setting call [1 hour LIVE call] (led by Emily) to tune into your wisdom and clarify what you’re ready to release, and what you’re ready to embody

  • Monthly archetypal theme + affirmation [Audio Recording] to focus our energy around an often-overlooked aspect of your feminine power, energy, and leadership

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute video sister circle calls [Self-guided] with your soul-sisters

  • Monthly PDF workbook with journal prompts to help you go deeper, stay present, and reconnect with your purpose

  • Virtual Book Club to deepen your awareness & reconnect to your feminine essence, power, and strength

  • Private Facebook Group to stay connected, share resources, and ask for/receive support

  • More magical surprises along the way!



The Perfect Fit?

This program is right for you if you identify as a woman and are ...

  • Feeling called to reconnect with your innate feminine wisdom, essence, brilliance, and power alongside sisters who want to change the world, starting with their own

  • A passionate dreamer who longs to turn her ideas into reality, but isn't quite sure how to get from here to there

  • Always in action, and craving less overwhelm and greater balance in your life

  • Feeling isolated or misunderstood + seeking a community of like-minded soul sisters

  • Driven by a mission & purpose beyond yourself

  • A leader who is lighting the way for others and needs to refill her own cup

  • A #GirlBoss (either an entrepreneur or an otherwise brave babe)

  • A go-getter who crushes her to-do list, but often puts the rest of her life on hold

  • At a turning point in your life or experiencing epic change


Our Monthly Themes

Our Experience Includes ...

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Each month of the program, you'll receive a gorgeous {fillable} PDF workbook with exercises, journal prompts, questions, & more to delve deeper into the month's theme and to connect more deeply with yourself, gain clarity, and weave your success with soul + intention. 

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You'll have 2 scheduled sister circle calls each month with an intimate group of 5 women in the program on a video conference line. We'll schedule these for you based on your availability and you'll have 1 hour for each call to gather with your sisters, share what's on your heart, be held accountable, give and receive support, and celebrate your wins. 

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monthly group Coaching call

For one hour each month, Emily will host “office hours” on her zoom conference line where she’ll provide support + guidance wherever you need it most in your life, business, and/or leadership. Coaching will be received on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to attend the live call if you’d like custom support!



The week of each new moon, we’ll gather virtually for a video conference to evoke and embody the essence of our monthly archetypal theme. Emily will lead an intention-setting ritual, meditation, and space to share what you’re ready to live into. This call offers expansion + embodiment around the month's theme!


Secret Facebook COMMUNITY

In our secret FB group exclusively for the sisters in this program, we’ll stay connected between calls in the spirit of support and compassion. This is a safe + sacred space where we will join to share resources and insights, post updates, and discuss how our monthly theme is emerging in your world!


insider event access

As a member of our sisterhood, you’ll be the first to know about exclusive opportunities to join Emily on retreats (international and domestic) and for other nourishing experiences to deepen your connection to yourself, your sisters, and your soul.


access to my resource library

I've compiled so many tools + resources for you to embrace a soulful feminine approach to success that honors your unique rhythm, cyclical living, productivity, moon cycles, & so much more.

I can't wait for you to dive in, grow, transform, and nourish your mind, body, and soul more deeply each month!

All of these valuable resources will be available to you in a shared Google Drive folder, and as links on your members only password protected page that you'll gain access to once you sign up and join the sisterhood! 

Dearest Soul Sister, 

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I know how it feels to have BIG dreams and a world-changing vision, but feel totally lost when you think about HOW you’ll achieve, become, and create all that you desire to bring to the world to make it a better place for yourself, others, and future generations. 

What I know to be true is that you CANNOT do this alone. You’ll need the soul-support of sisterhood to lift you up, hold you accountable to following through on your commitments, and to let it all out in a supportive and encouraging judgment and competition-free zone. That’s what this private community is ALL about!

The best way to achieve your own definition of full-spectrum success as a soulful feminine leader in the 21st century is through community…NOT competition. Through giving and receiving. Through truly embodying your mission, and building both the confidence AND competent foundations to clarify your aim, point your arrow in the direction of your dreams, and leap into inspired action in the right direction for YOU. 

This is the place for you to do just that, through connecting with women on the same journey of full-tilt feminine leadership, who totally understand you, your dreams, and what it takes to make it all happen. Through building these tight-knit relationships with your soul-sisters and yourself, you will start to feel more powerful, aligned, clear, and confident on your path to your own brand of sexy soulful success. 

So come and join us, Sister. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

In Service + Sisterhood,


Join Our Global Community of Visionary Women Leaders Today! 

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