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The Soulful Success Sisterhood

A group coaching + sisterhood experience led by Women’s Leadership + Soulful Business Coach, Emily Cassel

are you Ready to fully embody your innate feminine wisdom so that you can finally become the leader your soul came here to be?

Join Emily Cassel in a 12-month group coaching & sisterhood experience to deepen into your soulful feminine leadership and create limitless success through aligned + mission-driven action.

With the support of this collective of fellow dreamers + doers in your corner, prepare to experience the alchemy of feminine leadership, deep fulfillment, & abundant living as you midwife your vision into reality.


Did you know that leading your life + doing the work your soul came here to do can actually feel fun, fulfilling, and in flow?

Let me guess… all the e-courses, yoga classes, and healing sessions you’ve invested in have given you pieces of the puzzle, but you’re still feeling confused about how to integrate it all into a lifestyle and a body of work that feels like enlivened, juicy freedom?

And if you’re being honest with yourself, in your pursuit of alignment, you’ve likely outsourced your power and given over the reigns to your soul’s wisdom to someone else that you’ve perceived to have more answers than you do.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, sister.

Your soul wants to speak to you -- all she needs is the space, support, surrender, and sisterhood to get the messages through to you!

That’s why I’ve created this powerful experience for you to join a global community of incredible women in sisterhood and create the career, business, and/or lifestyle that feels like an expression of your values and who you are truly here to be.

Whether You’re Craving…

  • Deeper meaning and presence amidst the “hustle” of daily life

  • Consistent accountability to bring your big, bold, beautiful vision to life & turn your ideas into reality

  • More freedom around your time, finances, creativity, location, and self-expression

  • Expanded clarity + confidence around the dream you’re feeling called to pursue

  • Doing work that feels like play, is energizing and meaningful for you, and creates a positive impact on the world

  • Integration of your soulful, spiritual, *woo* self + your strategic, ambitious, logical self

  • Creative & innovative solutions to create a more sustainable approach to achievement

  • A more soulful feminine approach to success that enables you to work smarter instead of harder

… we are here to support, understand, witness, celebrate, check-in, cheer you on, inspire, and hold you accountable to creating that vision!


Join us as we explore & expand our soulful feminine leadership, through 12 powerful monthly themes.

Our Monthly Themes


What Women Who Have Created Exceptional Results, World-Changing Impact, + Sustainable Success Do Differently...

The big distinction between women who actually lead extraordinary and impactful lives + businesses, and women who just talk about the vision and continue to struggle is that they invest the necessary time & energy into their personal and professional growth.

They surround themselves with people who inspire them & hold them accountable to playing bigger, so that they continue taking massive aligned action, bringing their visions to life, and showing up to do their SOUL work.  

They leap before they’re ready, and prioritize the necessary space for themselves to do the inner work, while surrounding themselves with an A-team who understand them, and are like-missioned.

It’s easy to WANT to live your dream, make an impact, and bring your big vision to life …

It’s easy to TALK about doing it… but where most people fall short is that they don’t actually want to do the necessary inner work to create what they want.

They struggle with motivation, accountability, implementation, clarity, and confidence … overall, a TON of internal resistance!

Even though they’re feeling called to pursue something BIG, they continue to dip their toes in the water of their potential “here and there” … and I’ll be honest: their results match their level of commitment.

My mission is to gather & grow women leaders to do the work their souls came here for, through supporting them to work smarter, cultivate flow, + maintain consistent momentum toward their goal of bringing their unique visions to life.

…Because when we have this wisdom in our tool belt, we can stay the course of our unique soul’s mission in a way that’s actually sustainably successful, fulfilling, and impactful.

And that’s why I’ve devoted my life to helping women leaders & entrepreneurs learn the rituals, tools, and practices to leverage their innate feminine wisdom, while holding the structured space of sisterhood for you to receive the support you need to create incredible results without burning out or straying out of alignment with your purpose.


What Makes The Soulful Success Sisterhood Extraordinary?

When you’re surrounded by a sisterhood of inspiring and multi-passionate women like you, receiving consistent accountability, tracking your cycles + rhythms, setting monthly intentions, tuning into your innate feminine wisdom consistently, and working with who you are (instead of against your natural flow), success feels much more meaningful and accessible, and truly anything is possible.

Unlike most programs out there, The Soulful Success Sisterhood is a community experience where you’ll be held accountable for following through on your intentions each month, and have the opportunity to receive laser-coaching directly from a mentor (me!) to create momentum where you need it most.

Along with the exceptional accountability support with real human beings who are also creating incredible shifts personally & professionally, I also share information each month around a sacred feminine archetype so you can learn to reclaim and reawaken the dormant parts of your feminine power, leadership, and wisdom for full-spectrum healing and impact, both in your life and your work.

I invite you to join me on this journey of harmonizing all of who you’re here to be through my signature soul-centered approach to supporting women leaders to rise into their highest power and potential.


Our Experience Includes ...

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Each month of the program, you'll receive a gorgeous {fillable} PDF workbook with exercises, journal prompts, questions, & more to delve deeper into the month's theme and to connect more deeply with yourself, gain clarity, and weave your success with soul + intention. 

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You'll have 2 scheduled sister circle calls each month with an intimate group of 5 women in the program on a video conference line. We'll schedule these for you based on your availability and you'll have 1 hour for each call to gather with your sisters, share what's on your heart, be held accountable, give and receive support, and celebrate your wins. 

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monthly group Coaching call

For one hour each month, Emily will host “office hours” on her zoom video conference line where she’ll provide support + guidance wherever you need it most in your life, business, and/or leadership. Coaching will be received on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to attend the live call if you’d like custom support!



The week of each new moon, we’ll gather virtually for a video conference to evoke and embody the essence of our monthly archetypal theme. Emily will lead an intention-setting ritual, meditation, and space to share what you’re ready to live into. This call offers expansion + embodiment around the month's theme!


Secret Facebook COMMUNITY

In our secret FB group exclusively for the sisters in this program, we’ll stay connected between calls in the spirit of support and compassion. This is a safe + sacred space where we will join to share resources and insights, post updates, and discuss how our monthly theme is emerging in your world!


insider event access

As a member of our sisterhood, you’ll be the first to know about exclusive opportunities to join Emily on retreats (international and domestic) and for other nourishing experiences to deepen your connection to yourself, your sisters, and your soul.


access to THE resource library

I've compiled so many tools + resources for you to embrace a soulful feminine approach to success that honors your unique rhythm, cyclical living, productivity, moon cycles, & so much more.

I can't wait for you to dive in, grow, transform, and nourish your mind, body, and soul more deeply each month!

All of these valuable resources will be available to you through the Thinkific course platform, on your members-only password protected page that you'll gain access to once you sign up and join the sisterhood! 

Dearest Soul Sister, 

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I’m so excited and grateful that you’ve made your way here and are devoted to expanding your {feminine} freedom, flow, and fulfillment in a BIG way!

I created The Soulful Success Sisterhood because I’ve experienced the immense power and impact that being part of a committed container of sisterhood (coupled with soulful rituals and sacred feminine archetypal wisdom) creates for us as women leaders & entrepreneurs.

We often need to be seen, heard, and reflected in order to process our many thoughts, ideas, and desires, and unfortunately we don’t have many spaces where that’s commonplace in our culture anymore. Many of us are trailblazing a new path, initiated by a soul calling, on our own,  and yet we are social creatures who thrive in community!

I’ve also always understood entrepreneurship and leadership to be soulful, spiritual endeavors -- they’re not for the faint of heart, and when we feel the divine pull to carve out a new path and make a difference in our lives and in our world, it’s almost as if it chooses US, and not the other way around.

It’s time for our missions to be actualized, our voices to be heard, our impact to be felt, and our dreams to become reality, in service of the betterment of our own lives and of our world. And that means we can’t keep doing things in a way that doesn’t actually support our greatest strengths!

In Service + Sisterhood,



The Soulful Success Sisterhood is valued at approximately $10,000 + USD

What’s Your Investment?  

A monthly subscription

$157/month for 12 months


Hear from sisters who have walked the path