63 :: Breaking Down Oppression for Creatives of Color with Kristin Iris

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About Kristin

Kristin Iris is a Creativity Mentor & Speaker who helps socially conscious Creatives of Color clear the oppressive conditionings and beliefs holding them back and create a paradigm-shift in their creative work and lives. As a creative she incorporates storytelling into her work by sharing powerful messages through her writing (currently working on a novel) and creating a variety of YouTube videos for creatives from humor to short films that provoke deeper thinking and incite you into action. She is also working on launching her own podcast in the next couple of months!

Her mission, whether in mentoring, writing, or speaking, is to challenge and break down oppressive power dynamics and systems by inspiring and igniting Black and Brown creatives into their greatness and their capacity to make great change in the world.

 Free video and workbook guide "Unblock Your Dream Life"  https://www.kristiniris.com/sssuccess/

Website: www.kristiniris.com

Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/kiyoutube

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kristiniris

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