41 :: Her Majesty's Ship Log with Jen Snyder

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Jennifer Snyder is a College of Charleston graduate who has spent most of her life in the quaint Holy City of Charleston, raising her daughter, working with the family business, and singing in several bands.

In 2014 Snyder launched the HMS Log Book series and is currently promoting the sixth edition, 2017 Part Two. The HMS Log Book is a unique way to approach self care and is designed to bring order, inspiration and loving accountability to the user. Life coaches, therapists, and doctors love recommending this wonderful journal.

Snyder offers workshops and group sessions that are designed to inspire a lasting self care practice with the HMS Log Book as the foundation. She also hosts Healing Sound Baths, which are meditations that include music composed in the sacred tones of biblical times. She will be receiving her Sound Therapy certification in the Summer of 2017.