36 :: Recovery Love + Care with Jayne Mattingly


I am a bubbly, introverted girly girl who LOVES the beach, barre, coffee, Chardonnay and anything with rainbow sprinkles. I am an incredibly driven girl boss and my passion is to help ALL women find self-confidence and self-love within a culture that won’t allow them to! I live for my recovery, the love of my life, Sean, my fur babies and my family! I am all about empowering women and advocating for eating disorder recovery, body appreciation, and a positive sense of community. Helping women live a life full of self-compassion, self-love, and body appreciation through the practice of self-care! Advocating for Eating Disorder Recovery, and shedding light on the many myths and truths surround Eating Disorders. We can ALL love our bodies and have a healthy and SAFE relationship with food and exercise!


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