Emily Cassel

Leadership + Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs | Podcast Host of Sexy Soulful Success | 

Creator of  The Soulful Leadership Mastermind, The Business Alchemy Circle, + The Soulful Success Sisterhood

Professional Bio

Emily Cassel is a Leadership & Business Coach for ambitious women entrepreneurs across the globe, and the host of the podcast, Sexy Soulful Success.

While earning her BA in Psychology + Marketing from an all-women’s college, Chatham University [Pittsburgh, PA, USA], she found an endless passion for women's changing roles in leadership, the field of Positive Psychology, & a natural aptitude for all things business and entrepreneurship.

Emily's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, Skirt Magazine, The Atlantic, & other notable digital and print publications.

Through her signature coaching programs, The Soulful Leadership Mastermind, and beautiful retreats around the world, Emily helps women leaders and entrepreneurs shift out of hustle mode and into a state of freedom, flow, and fulfillment so that they can launch, scale, and grow soul-aligned businesses that make exceptional impact and income.

Emily has created a revolutionary approach to success for women of today that honors our innate feminine essence, blending the best of both modern findings and ancient wisdom to avoid burn-out, stress, + stuck-ness. 

Emily believes that every woman has the opportunity to embody our unique missions and to live + lead beautiful lives that change the world, starting with our own. 

Learn more & receive her free Soulful Success Bundle to start working smarter and shifting from hustle to flow at www.emilycassel.com/bundle. 


Short Bio

Emily Cassel is a Leadership + Business Coach for ambitious & high-achieving women entrepreneurs across the globe. Through private + group coaching, a high-level mastermind, and gorgeous retreats, Emily helps women leaders to shift out of “hustle” mode and into a state of freedom, flow, and fulfillment so that they can launch, scale, and grow the soul-led businesses that make powerful impact and profitable income. Emily is also the host of the podcast, Sexy Soulful Success, where she facilities visionary conversations with women entrepreneurs & leaders that re-define success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women. Learn more at www.emilycassel.com

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The Soulful Success Bundle - www.emilycassel.com/bundle

This FREE bundle includes 7 soulful + strategic tools to support you in leading your business from a place of flow (instead of hustle) as a high-achieving woman entrepreneur. Sign up to receive instant access to these powerful resources to create clarity, momentum, and impact for your business and beyond. If you're ready to eliminate & avoid stuckness, stress, and scarcity, then you will LOVE this collection of resources! 

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