Elevate Your Year

Business Planning Masterclass

build the business & life that your soul came here to create, with the income + impact to change {y}our world


What is this Masterclass?


A 3-hour virtual annual planning session to architect your soul-led business vision with intention, so that you can up-level your impact and income, stay organized, and create sustainable structures and systems for success in your business + beyond.

Even though I’ve always been a “planner,” when I first started applying planning to my business, I felt pressure to do it in a more traditional way that felt way out of alignment with the way I actually wanted to lead my business and craft my lifestyle of time + financial freedom.

I knew that my version of a “business plan” would look a lot different than most people’s, and that I had to do it MY way, as I encourage my clients to do.

I believe that we are each here with a unique mission and message, different desires, and a completely individual soul calling, so although this is a self-guided process and system for planning your year, it is crafted to honor your unique dreams and vision.

This masterclass will empower you to plan your business in a way that aligns with your soul and creates more clarity, ease, and space for you to live and lead fully.

What would be possible for you to achieve, create, become, and do in {y}our world if you had a clear, focused, and intentional plan for doing your soul’s work?

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What’s Included?

  • 3-hour video and audio recordings of my annual planning session with my clients

  • My power-packed {fillable} spreadsheet system with different tabs for each step of the soul-aligned goal setting process, implementation, inspired action, content and promotion planning, visioning, & more!

  • My PDF guide to choose your personal power word/theme for the year 

  • My guided meditation audio + PDF guide for honing in and crystallizing your Big Sexy Vision for the year ahead

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what you’ll learn

  • A clear, actionable strategy and plan for your unique business that allows you to create more harmony between your life and work

  • The confidence and competence around planning the life and business you REALLY want - no sacrifices!

  • The tools to re-wire your internal operating system to match your vision for success

  • An organized way to leverage your unique brilliance, gifts, strengths, and purpose

  • My signature goal setting process that you can use anytime to create lasting and sustainable change and real results 

  • My tried-and-true methods for achievement that balances ambition with ease

  • Tactics for what to do when plans go awry and how to get back on track

  • Techniques to maximize your productivity and leverage your time without burning yourself out or constantly re-inventing the wheel

Is this right for you?

This masterclass is designed for both aspiring + established womxn entrepreneurs at any stage of the journey who are feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas they have and who need the focused plan to bring their dreams to life. 

Some things you may be struggling with at the moment, that this masterclass will support you in overcoming include:

  • Getting organized so that your goals and intentions don’t become just nice thoughts, dreams, or ideas, but actually happen over the next year

  • Launch planning in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you and allows you space to take care of yourself, live your life, and create supportive boundaries with your work

  • Increasing your Income in your existing business OR planning your exit your 9-5

  • Up-leveling your productivity, efficiency, and potency so that you can work smarter, not harder, and have more spacious free time to do more of what you want to do

  • Creating clarity around what you REALLY want, instead of settling for what’s fallen in your lap or what you’ve been told you “should” do

  • Creating a system for tracking your growth, personally and professionally, that streamlines everything into one place instead of in a million different half-assed notebooks, planners, and systems

  • Finally feeling like the confident + clear LEADER you were born to be, instead of an employee of your own life and business

Imagine your business 6 months from now if you continue flying by the seat of your pants or trying to fit yourself into a plan or a structure that’s not feeling aligned.

Let’s do it differently!