The Soulful Success Bundle includes:

  • My 10-minute morning ritual audio guide to help you build consistency & set yourself up for success. Just press play!
  • Intention to Inspired Action Playsheet to help you set meaningful monthly intentions, commit to weekly massive action, & hold yourself accountable to creating results.
  • The Embodied Planning Guide to help you be more productive, energized, & in flow by leveraging the cycles of your body, the moon, & the seasons.
  • The Big Sexy Vision Playbook to help you get crystal clear on where you are & where you'd love to go. 
  • My Future Self Guided Visualization audio to help you envision the version of yourself that's already living your big sexy vision & connect to your inner wisdom.
  • The Soulful Mission Clarity Guide to support you in defining & refining the contribution & impact you're here to make.
  • Vulnerable, Visionary, + Visible Writing Prompts to help build momentum + confidently share your message. 

About Emily

Emily Cassel is a Leadership & Business Coach for ambitious women entrepreneurs, and the host of the podcast, Sexy Soulful Success.

While earning her BA in Psychology + Marketing from Chatham University, she found an endless passion for women's changing roles in leadership, the field of Positive Psychology, & a natural aptitude for all things business and entrepreneurship.

Emily's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, Skirt Magazine, & other notable digital and print publications.

Through private coaching, a high-level mastermind, sisterhood events, and an on-site business accelerator, Emily helps women-owned businesses and their teams shift out of hustle mode and into a state of freedom, flow, and fulfillment so that they can launch, scale, and grow businesses that make exceptional impact and income.

Emily has created a revolutionary approach to success for women of today that works for them & with them as feminine beings, and avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness.