Sisterhood Spotlight Series: Beautifully Messy Mommies + Shiny Happy Humans with Gervase Kolmos

Hello, sisters!

Today's interview with my friend and sister, Gervase Kolmos of Shiny Happy Human, shares a SUPER unique perspective from the lens of motherhood!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Gervase today -- she's not only a brilliant coach, but also a no BS, truly authentic woman who's an ambitious entrepreneur, and values a new paradigm of feminine energy in her approach to life and business. We're basically soul sisters, and I know that you'll LOVE her too! :)

A bit about Gervase

Gervase is a mama to a 2-year-old, wife to a marine biologist and a Certified Life Coach for Moms. After becoming a mother, she felt societal pressure to share the shiny and happy moments of motherhood, while keeping the dark human moments bottled up in shame.

Her shaky battle with postpartum depression was serious wake-up call for her to quit her corporate job in publishing in search of a soul-feeding job that just turned out to be entrepreneurship.

She’s obsessed with helping other new mamas like her reclaim their identities and find the virtual support of the Mommy Soul Tribe she wishes she had had to hold her through the shiny, happy and human moments of motherhood.

She believes that by celebrating beautifully messy mommies, we can raise the next generation of authentic, fulfilled and fearless females and by showing herself love, forgiveness and compassion, she’s teaching her daughter to do the same someday.

What You'll Learn

  • Why going into business for yourself + fully living your life (even when it seems IMPOSSIBLE) is the best gift you can give to your children
  • How trusting yourself more is the #1 thing you must do to love your life
  • How we can truly HAVE IT ALL as women, mothers, + entrepreneurs
  • What it means to call your power back to you
  • How women can truly liberate the whole world, starting with ourselves, and expanding our resources to loved ones
  • How to balance making decisions that serve you, your family, and your business
  • What "feminine" REALLY means and how you can connect and leverage these parts of yourself to be more effective and successful in every area of your life
  • How sisterhood expands your capacity for love and more of anything you want in your life

Watch The Interview

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