What's been making me feel most alive this week

Happy Friday, love!

I woke up this morning and felt called to share a few things that have sparked joy for me this week, and have made me feel more alive.

During my private coaching sessions with clients this week and last, this question came up often: "What are some of the things that I can do to have more fun?" 

I remember always feeling like "the serious one" in the past -- like my ambitions, dreams, aspirations got the best of me and I used to try to control everything instead of living in alignment + trusting the flow. Instead of being in surrender and receiving, I was pushing and forcing. And it was far from FUN. The to-do lists got longer, I got more stressed out, and it was overwhelming. I filled all the space up with "shoulds" and things I felt like I had to do in order to get further ahead. 

Now, things look a lot different. Don't get me wrong: I still find myself falling back into this old pattern at times, but every time it happens, I feel like I've outgrown it more and more. It's not as pleasurable anymore, because I've learned and practiced a different way of doing and being, and of using "does this spark joy for me?" as a barometer for all of my decisions and how I use my time, and how I run my business. 

So let this be your weekly reminder to have more FUN, to feel more alive, to go do the things that spark joy for you. 

Here are some things that have sparked joy for me this week + felt really fun -- I hope this is helpful and in service of your greatest aliveness :)

Self-Care Day

Part of my intention for this month is to designate a day of self-care each week and to create intentional space to dream. It's a strange space to be in my life right now -- I've just made a big move to Charleston, SC and I'm loving it -- it feels like I'm waking up within a dream I've held for so long. And at the same time, my business and self-love is up-leveling BIG TIME, which is never 100% "comfortable" or "fun" -- I explained this up-leveling shift to my clients this week as coding a new internal operating system that changes the way we think, act, and live overall -- no easy feat. As I've been recognizing the extra energy output for new clients, new programs, new content (podcast is coming soon!), new place, new friends and connections, and all the other "newness" from the reflections around the parts of me that I'm releasing and leaving in Pittsburgh that no longer serve me on my path, and the re-discovery of a deeper relationship with myself and what that means and looks like -- I've realized I need EXTRA EXTRA self-care and to be held and nurtured by myself. 

Here's an idea of what my self-care day looked like:


Beautiful Moments 

Each of these moments caused me to stop, pause, and feel overwhelmed with awe.

I questioned to a friend post-yoga yesterday, "Can you actually have a bad day here in Charleston? I feel like that would be next to impossible, because you'd walk outside or catch a glimpse of something beautiful that would pull you back into joy and remind you that actually everything is okay." Then, after lunch with my soul-sister Gervase, I walked by this sidewalk drawing (pictured below). So synchronous! 

There is beauty everywhere, when we allow ourselves to notice it. There are signs, guidance, and opportunities everywhere, when we allow ourselves to be open to receiving them.


Feminine Leadership Finds

Found these great pieces that inspired me and made me think more and deeper about my mission and what's happening with women in the world today. Check them out! They're must reads/listens.


I've been having lots of lunch, coffee, yoga dates with amazing women I've met here in Charleston so far! Amazing conversations, soul-bearing, business-y blabbing -- all of it happens in this space, and I'm so grateful for these women. I'm looking forward to hosting a sister gathering at my new place downtown tomorrow with a few of these special ladies -- I'm thinking flower crowns?! 

I've also been really leading the women in my sisterhood programs deeper and deeper this week -- fully witnessing, loving, receiving, reflecting, holding, softening, opening, growing, shifting with them and calling them deeper and deeper into themselves. No more hiding, no more surface-level shares. No more grazing or not fully owning their devoted space and time in circle. Serious depth and soul unveiling. 

Shit. Got. Real. this week. For all of them, and for me. I can see that there's a beautiful unfolding that's accelerating -- that the dreams are actually starting to unfurl in front of each of us, in unexpected and divinely beautiful ways. That we're being initiated into becoming the new versions of ourselves who are capable of actualizing our callings. It's so exciting! 

I also hired a VA this week -- her name is Katy, and she's a unicorn of a woman! She's German, and a world-traveler. She's also studying to become a coach. She holds space for my ideas, and takes inspired action. It's fantastic to feel supported in a new way -- although it was incredibly scary at first to even consider being responsible for a "team"... but so worth it :)

A few days ago, I launched my signature program, Freedom Is Sexy! There will be so much more info to come, but the first invitation has been sent out. If you're feeling called to join me and 12 inspired sisters for this 8-week immersion to create a life that totally turns you on, I'd love to invite you to fill out an application to join us

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Love + Light,