Looking Back to Spring Forward (An End of Year Ritual)

Gratitude for all the lessons of 2016 (light and shadow-y) will be the fuel you need to propel yourself into your most powerful year yet.

Spend some time today reflecting on the following areas of your life + what progress you've made in each in 2016:

Life Purpose
Play + Fun
Physical Health
Mental Health

I like to celebrate each area first in reflection, then rate each area on a scale of 1-10 (1 = feeling out of alignment, 10 = feeling in alignment).

Once I do this ritual of reflection, I use the same categories to do some dreaming, visioning, and intention setting for the upcoming year.

I ask myself ...

Who would I love to become?
What would I love to create?
What would feel like a miracle in this area?
What would make this feel like EASE [my theme for 2017 // replace with your theme word for the year]

... And then I'm excited about what comes up. :)

I'd love to know how this ritual goes for you! And if you're craving more guidance around dreaming bigger + showing up to your life more powerfully, please feel free to reach out <3

Happy New Year!

Love + Light,