Dear Woman...

Dear woman,

You are far more brilliant than you’ve ever known.

You are far more wise than anyone ever told you.

You are inherently influential.

You radiate the essence of your unique soul that chose to be HERE, on this planet, at this exact moment.

The world craves your creativity, devotion, & holistic perspective.

We need you to answer your calling. To use your voice to speak your truth. To not settle for the outdated ways of being & doing that keep you in survival mode.

We all need you to bring the fullest expression of YOU to the table so that we can be captivated & transformed by your presence, your words, your heart.

Your joy reflects & creates our joy. Your sadness mirrors our own sadness. All of your emotions are beautiful, equally important, and so welcome.

We all need you to Honor what your soul wants - the deepest cravings for the feast that is your life and your work in this world.

We need you to trailblaze a new paradigm of achievement and success in business & leadership & other traditionally masculine roles and positions by listening and acting on your soul’s most white hot desire.

We need you to be in hot pursuit of FREEDOM, FLOW, & FULFILLMENT so that you can be fully embodied in your sacred feminine wisdom & energy and show us what it looks like, teach us what it feels like, and remind us of our invitation when we disconnect from our genius.

Most of all, we need you to remember that being a woman makes YOU our world’s most sacred & powerful resource at this time in her-story & his-tory.

We are counting on you to RISE, unapologetically, irreverently, and in whatever way you feel called 🌙

A Message from The Goddess of Love

A Message from The Goddess of Love

Is it possible that the WHOLE POINT is just love?

Is this the secret to our whole existence on this planet as human beings?

Is it possible that it could be that simple, and yet that challenging?

Is it possible that "living our purpose" is really just about BEING love, embodying love, and walking the path of love?

Being in love with ourselves, each other, our work, nature, life, this planet and its people...

Could it really be that simple, and yet that complex?

If we were all to embody the highest vibration of energy, which is LOVE, in every moment of every day, walking as love and light warriors on this planet, standing up for love, speaking out for love, and interacting with love .... wouldn't we all just be magnets for our desires

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