4 Life-Changing Lessons From a 1-hr Sister Circle Call

I just HAD to share this with you because my mind was BLOWN today, even though this has become the "norm" in the sister circles I run.

It's typical to see huge insights, break-throughs, break-downs, and profound nuggest of wisdom come out of these 1-hour calls, and I sometimes forget just how impactful this information we discuss inside the programs I lead (Freedom Is Sexy, to be exact).

So here are 4 life-changing conclusions that were drawn from today's Sister Circle with a group of insanely amazing, talented, brilliant, + world-changing women in my signature program, Freedom Is Sexy:

1) It is safe for all of us to shine. Not only that, but pursuing our greatness is the highest form of service to ourselves + others

2) All we TRULY need to do in order to be successful in our lives/businesses is be immensely grateful for every little thing and focus on having more fun

3) Rules are made to be broken. So f*ck what the "experts" say about a specific sales funnel, or that if you're not having $20k months it means you're failing. Because you're actually a badass, and you can trust yourself.

4) Do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the way that makes you feel most alive, most excited, most turned on, and most lit up so that you can be of greater service to others, instead of arriving to serve with an empty cup or feeling burnt out or uninspired. You're the artist. It's your life/business/process to create. And there's no "wrong" way.

I'm feeling so inspired by, and grateful for these women and this work!

I'm so fortunate to serve them, and receive so much wisdom from these light-workers, worldwide, who have joined together to play bigger in their lives and businesses, passionately pursue their purpose, and embody a new paradigm of feminine leadership so that they avoid burnout and prioritize pleasure and joy.

PS -- if you've ever wondered what happens in a sister circle, this should give you a pretty good taste!

PPS -- I especially love that this deep connection can totally happen with women in 3 different countries on one call, in 60 minutes, virtually. The power of sisterhood is insane!

Love + Light,