How I'm Starting 2017 With Ease + Intention

How I'm intentionally living day 1 of 2017:

>> Feeding myself something delicious and nourishing (...And tea. Always tea.)

>> Writing letters of gratitude to people who I love and have had a major impact on last year to let them know how amazing they are

>> Writing in my journal (and actually making this an instinctive habit)

>> Updating my painted picture vision and morning ritual, and recording both of these on my phone to listen to each morning and whenever I need reminding

>> Going to Katie Ashley's New Year's Day yoga class

>> Going for a walk on the beach on Sullivan's Island

>> Picking up beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's and arranging them

>> Making soup 😍

>> Saging the house

>> Re-Creating January's workbook (and getting a few other things set up) for the mastermind I'm leading this year for a group of inspired women who are deepening into alignment with their purpose, mission, divine feminine essence, and leadership

>> Meditating before bed

>> Getting to bed early to prepare for a beautiful intensive VIP day coaching session tomorrow for my beautiful soul sister Stephanie β€οΈ

HOW ARE YOU beginning this year? I can't wait to hear from you in the comments below! Any rituals that you have for New Year's Day?

Love + Light,