How NOT To Sabotage Your Success By Overcoming These 5 Thinking Traps of Entrepreneurship

I am SO delighted to share that a NEW SEASON of the Sexy Soulful Success podcast is HERE!!!! 

I have been very intentional this season about curating an exceptional lineup of guests who are experts in their fields, and who have super valuable lessons and insights to share, and I sincerely hope you LOVE each episode and tune in weekly over the next few months to join the conversation and get inspired with us :) 

We're kicking off this season with Tiffany Toombs, a mindset coach who specializes in NLP (neuro linguistics programming)!

We spoke about mastering your mindset for success in today's episode, and I hope you'll tune in and listen to gather some valuable insights, perspective shifts, and more resources to support you on your journey.

For the past few months, I've been studying to earn a Certificate in Positive Psychology through The University of Pennsylvania, under the field's founding teachers and professionals. I've been learning SO MUCH, and have already started implementing new and improved ways of serving my clients in The Business Alchemy CircleSoulful Leadership Mastermind, & Soulful Success Sisterhood

Today, I'd love to share with you a few simple ways to identify and overcome negative (unhelpful) thought patterns when they arise. 

There are 5 major "thinking traps" cited in the work of Dr. Karen Reivich & Dr. Andrew Shatte, Resilience researchers at UPenn.

They are...

5 Thinking Traps of Entrepreneurship Image 2.png

ME Thinking //  Believing you are the sole cause of every setback and problem, and that you are likely causing a lot of harm to others. When you're in this trap, you tend to experience a lot of guilt and sadness. 

THEM Thinking // Believing that other people or circumstance are the sole cause of your setbacks or problems. When you're habitually falling into the trap of "them" thinking (blaming others or circumstances) for the problems you're confronting, you're likely to be over experiencing the emotion of anger. 

Catastrophizing // Wasting critical energy ruminating on the irrational worst-case outcomes of a situation, which blocks you from taking action to address the challenge. You're overestimating the threat and underestimating your own resources to cope or navigate the challenge at hand successfully. You'll likely experience agitation, anxiety, and not really engaging in a productive way with the situation at hand.

Mindreading // Assuming you know what another person is thinking or expecting another person to know what you're thinking (usually assuming that something negative is being thought/perceived). We tend not to ask questions or communicate well because we already think we know with 100% certainty what is going on in someone else's mind, so this is very harmful for relationships.

Helplessness //  Believing that the negative event is going to impact ALL areas of your life, and that you have no control. in this thinking trap, you believe that bad things are here to stay, and there's nothing you can do about it. When we're caught in this thinking trap, we'll feel stuck, passive, hopeless, ready to give up, withdrawn, depleted, and as if we don't have the energy to figure out solutions.

Take a moment to pause and reflect.

Which thinking trap is YOUR go-to during times of stress or challenge? 

Here are three simple prompts to break the hold of any of the above 5 thinking traps:

"A better way of seeing this is..."

"If x happens, then I will y, and I'll develop the plan."

"That's not true because..."

Copy + paste these 3 prompts into a note on your phone. 

Then, the next time you find yourself in one of these thinking traps, pull up the note and work through each of them to support yourself in coming back to a state of proactive + positive thinking to move forward!  

To share how this message has resonated with you, please send me a direct message or tag me in your share on Instagram @emilycasseloffical. And, as always, feel free to forward this message to others you feel would benefit from hearing it.

In Love + Sisterhood, 


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I'm so in love with Charleston, where I've been living for the past 2 years (and some change), and will be returning permanently in the fall.

But when I first started my business, a big part of my vision & "why" was weaving in travel, and I've built my business to be virtual, with the intention to work from anywhere. 

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Your work + business as a vessel for doing good

Your work + business as a vessel for doing good

Something I've felt super present to lately is the ability for our work (and our lives) to be a vessel for doing good.

I know that if you've invited me into your inbox, then you're likely a woman on a mission to leave this world better than she found it. 

...Have I mentioned that I ADORE you for that, sister? Thank you!

Like most of my clients, you probably need to hear today's reminder, which is this:

The world needs your medicine.

I've noticed that we each carry in our souls a unique medicine, which is sort of a mish-mosh of our strengths, talents, purpose, desires, essence, experiences, & mission.

This medicine we hold creates our impact in the world. 

But before we can dish it out to all the people who need it from us, we have to first receive it ourselves, so that it becomes activated through us. 

The awesome thing about your unique medicine is that it can only be received by the people who need it & who you're meant to serve (some people might call this a "soul contract").

For those people whose souls need to be activated by your soul, it's critical that you do the thing you're feeling called to do.

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Growing Big vs. Growing Deep

I recently listened to an interview on NPR’s How I Built This podcast with Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3. 

One part of this episode that really stood out to me was when Sadie mentioned that she is no longer interested in growing her business to be bigger, larger, or have more franchised locations. In fact, she said that she had put an indefinite pause on franchising, which is the majority of the business of her company, since she personally owns just 6 of the 130 total locations (124 are franchised). 

What I really received from listening to her conversation with podcast host Guy Ros was something that has continued to come up time and time again in my sessions and conversations with clients, friends, and other women in business.

It’s the question of growing a business BIG or DEEP. 

Do we desire to grow a business to a place where we can sell it for hundreds of millions, or even BILLIONS, of dollars? Or is the “success” we’re actually after much deeper, sustainable, impactful, and personal than that? 

Not that there is anything “wrong” with either option, but if we aren't clear with our intention and big picture vision of where we're going, then we can't create the feeling of "success" in this moment by implementing the necessary soulful strategies to create the reality we desire.

On one hand, we have society, business experts, and our cultural imprint and construct of what “success” means telling us that what we SHOULD want is to hustle, build a business that’s worth upwards of 8 figures, sell it, get out, and then go live our lives abundantly and luxuriously once we have burnt ourselves out, sacrificed, and lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

((Side note: what is it about entrepreneurs and pb&j sandwiches!? Am I the only one not eating them? Are they comfort food? What’s the deal!?))

But what I hear in personal conversations with women on my podcast, in the programs I lead, in private coaching sessions, at events, and in my own mastermind of women entrepreneurs is a completely different desire to create a business that feels like an extension of their soul, allows them to feel that they’re making a real impact in their corner of the world by using their own unique gifts and talents, that they’re abundantly (yet fairly) compensated for so that they can afford to live the life that they desire and do simple things like put their kids through montessori school, buy local and organic food to feed their families, and genuinely ENJOY not just what they do, but the lifestyle of freedom they’ve created. 

Meanwhile, the common narrative around women in entrepreneurship has in some ways become an excuse for women to over-work, and drift farther away from the lifestyles that would actually fulfill them because their work is taking over 99.9% of their energy, focus, and time, even though they’d rather scale it back, simplify, and be able to be more present in their lives. 

Why don’t we do more of this? Why is it that we feel that it’s SO non-negotiable that work takes up the majority of our focus and energy? 

What if our focus was directed in a more balanced way that truly honored ALL parts of ourselves? 

I believe that when a woman has the tools to be fully expressed in all aspects of herself and her power, she becomes unstoppable. 

I believe that through gathering in sisterhood with other like-missioned women, we instinctively remember what it feels like to be held & supported while taking action to move the needle forward on what matters to us and making a contribution to the world -- we remember the importance of both giving AND receiving. 

 I believe that the idea that we have to choose whether we want to be an exceptional entrepreneur, achieve financial success, be a present partner and parent, or a fulfilled woman is rooted in a scarcity mentality, and that we NEVER have to choose between our greatest aliveness in one area and our deepest success in another.

I believe that it's 100% possible to "have it all" when it comes to being a woman entrepreneur today, and that it just takes the proper support, mindset, resources, & strategy to bring your grandest vision to life, as a vessel for your deepest calling to take flight. 

If you're an ambitious woman - a woman who feels called to do beautiful + powerful things with her life, and make an impactful contribution to the world through her work, I'd love to invite you to apply to join me and a high-level sisterhood of 12 women on a 6-month journey in The Soulful Leadership Mastermind. 

This experience is an immersive journey toward your fierce feminine freedom in life, business, + leadership. It includes private + group coaching, accountability circles, world class guest expert trainings, 3 virtual day retreats, and one all-inclusive week-long luxury retreat in beautiful Tulum, Mexico. We begin June 13th on the new moon, and will close our time together the week of November 23rd on the full moon, right before the holiday season kicks in. 

This mastermind is already filling up with women from all over the globe, and if you're feeling called to join us, I'd love for you to click here to learn more + apply for an exploration call with me. Applications close May 1st! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and desires about growing big vs. deep in the COMMENTS below this post! 

Love + Light,