I support ambitious women to launch, grow, & scale soulfully aligned businesses that make world-changing impact and income, so that sustainable success + fulfillment flow freely.

This is (y)our time to rise.


Hey, sister!

I’m Emily Cassel, Leadership + Business Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, speaker, champion of women, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible!

I’m devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world.

Among my friends + family, I’m known as the planner, the mystic, and the one who gets shit done. I’m an ENFJ, a Pisces (with my moon in Leo), and an Enneagram 7, so that can tell you alot about who I am and how I approach things in life + business!

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here, and I believe that synchronicity brought us together in this moment.

So, now that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, I want to invite you to dream, risk, and leap bigger than ever before.

I’ll be here along the way, cheering you on, supporting you with the mindset shifts + soulful strategies to make your big vision possible, connecting you with your soul sisters, and weaving together magical experiences for you, and with you.

And when you deeply align with your soul’s wisdom to achieve all that you’re here to create, I’ll be right there with two glasses of kombucha and a big hug!


Get Started

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I want to gift you my 7 most powerful tools to get clear, focused, organized + aligned so that you can break free of limitations, leap into inspired action, and change {y}our world today!

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Ready To Expand?

Need support creating a soulful strategy for success in your business?

I’ve created beautiful offerings to meet you exactly where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, and you can get started as soon as TODAY, to bring your vision to life!

Whether you’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur, I have created programs + products that offer a blend of private and group experiences delivered both virtually and in person, to take your impact and income to the next level.

Personal + professional growth are my jam, and I can’t wait to support you on this often challenging, always inspiring, ride of building the business that matches your soul’s mission, without burning yourself out, getting caught up in overwhelm, stress, or stuckness.


We Go Further Together

Sisterhood is power

Gathering in an intentional + sacred space with like-pathed women leaders has been game-changing for my life and business since the first women’s circle I hosted 5 years ago.

I’ve seen time and time again through my masterminds, retreats, and workshops just how powerful surrounding ourselves with inspiring and ambitious sisters can be in alchemizing any challenge into limitless possibility.

I’d love for you to experience the magic that awaits, sister!