Love notes from women walking the path of soulful feminine leadership 


"My heart always whispered a profound desire to unearth a tribe of women who could share the ancient wisdom of what I knew deep in my heart to be true; that we are more powerful than the world would have us believe. Emily is proof that such women exist and she believes that once you tap into your essence, your birthright, you discover an easier way of being that aligns with what works for you and creates balance.  After experiencing Emily’s online Live, Love + Lead with Soul session, I was inspired to take action and invest in myself through her 9 month private leadership coaching program.  During our weekly chats, she completely devotes herself to witnessing and being present with me.   Her energy is contagious as she radiates beauty, peace and passion that is both soothing and inspirational.  I am very blessed to be working with Emily and love the incredible gentle way she has encouraged me to trust in myself and the process; allowing me to reveal myself to myself.  This is my first time working with a life coach and will not be last.  Emily is guiding a new generation of women toward the unveiling of a new paradigm where all of us FINALLY believe in our own magic." -- Bex Jurasin, FL


“Emily is THE coach for women in the coaching world! Her leadership skills truly shine in this field and with her experience, she is right at your side in a totally authentic and relatable way. In what can seem like the lonely entrepreneurial world of being a new coach, she helps you feel right at home with guidance from someone who has been there, found the way, and can now offer wisdom as to how to gracefully skip down the path to becoming a thriving and confident coach. She has been working her magic with me since the beginning of my biz and has shown her brilliance every step of the way. Her continued support and guidance has truly helped me cultivate growth within myself, my business, my relationships, my bank account, and my overall happiness. With great pleasure, I highly recommend Emily to any woman out there trying to find her way in the coaching world, no matter what point of the journey you are on. To put it simply, she is a total f’n goddess, that you want by your side!” -- Courtney Sage, Birch and Basil Wellness


“ In the midst of making a huge transition in my life I reached out to Emily for some guidance.  In our half hour consultation, Emily aided in clarifying a path by asking the questions necessary for me to see the bigger picture.  What does my ideal life look like? Where do I see myself flourishing? Upon answering, she put together an affirmation; an invocation for me to refer to while on my journey. Since our meeting, I quit my corporate job, took stock in my own worth and opened my first lifestyle boutique.  I am indeed flourishing and still refer to the affirmation that gave me wings.” -- Leslie McAllister, Juju’s Boutique


"As a coach and friend, Emily embodies feminine strength, wisdom, and softness that allows her to see and communicate situations from a unique perspective that is so refreshing and eye-opening. She also has a special ability to ask the right questions to help you arrive at the answers you seek, and you'll leave any conversation with her feeling clear, confident, and just a tinge of magic! " -  Alyssa Kuzins


“Working alongside Emily has been more than uplifting. I feel secure in my decisions to move forward in life. Emily has a brilliant way of gently prompting me to achieve those goals we set for me, each week, following up in a way that makes me feel comfortable, able to respond, and encouraged. Emily has done more for me, the betterment of my business, the success of my fashion blog - than I could have ever imagined. I find relief in our conversations, validated for my concerns in life and am smiling each time I click off the phone with her.” -- Alex Duffy, Chicago IL


“Being a woman in business, it was hard to thoroughly collect my thoughts on which directions I should move and the many difficult decisions I was being faced with. I found success in Emily, not only in a business sense but also on a personal level. We all have thoughts and make decisions in life, but to really evaluate our own thoughts and put them into perspective can prove difficult. Emily helped me to see the different angles in which I could move forward.  The way I see it, having a coach is like having a friend you can vent to, except Emily doesn't only listen, she helps you to overcome the obstacles. Prior to working with Emily I was still successful and working toward my goals, but she helped give me the extra edge to accomplish them. I am now able to collect my thoughts and get additional help in strategizing a plan. I still have to put in the work to see an outcome, but I have the support needed to do so, and it feels amazing watching that hard work pay off! I now feel so empowered to accomplish anything! I've seen a big difference in my happiness, my outlook on life, and my ability to engage better with others. “ -- Danielle Getty, FL


"When I reached out to Emily, I had general questions about whether I needed a coach at all. I think it's tough for coaches to come to the realization that they, too, need help, even though they're very good at figuring out other people's lives. I was drawn to her niche in working with women, and identified with the type of clients that she seemed to have. During our session, Emily helped me realize what exactly I had to offer in my new business (understanding multiple sides of the media industry), and helped me get clear on how I can be vulnerable in every aspect of my life and how that would help propel my business forward (telling my story). My favorite part about working with Emily was hearing her resonate with my business idea and story, and mirror back to me my own relevance, confirming that my business has a place in this world. Ever since our session, I have been referring back to our notes keeps me motivated! I would recommend Emily's coaching services to other women like me, who need direction in determining what their life's purpose/passion is and how to make a living from it. The most important thing you should know about working with Emily is that you will have a very comfortable, enlightening experience, even for hyper-self-aware, analytical types who think they've got a lot of it figured out already. " Julia Ford-Carther, Founder & Creative Director Miami, FL


“It's been incredible for me to see how much more confident and true to myself I feel now on a daily basis. You've definitely helped me to eliminate my fears and go for what I truly want in my life and career. I feel like I'm a completely different person than I was this time last year, and I'm loving it!” -- Stevie Storck, , York PA


“Emily is infectious. She is the kind of person that makes you feel like you can be so much better than what you are. Her positive energy radiates everywhere, and she makes it so you can’t see any darkness” -- Jacqueline Wills


“There is something truly magical when like minded women come together.  I leave Hippies in Heels feeling revived and ready to tackle tasks that seemed totally daunting. A supportive sisterhood makes you feel this way!  I love meeting women with goals, and it is great to brainstorm ways that we can reach what we want, with each other, in a completely open way that allows for creativity and then movement toward achievement.  It also is comforting to know that I have access to these amazing women whenever needed, and I am there for them too. “ -- Sydney Shoff, Pittsburgh PA


“Before reaching out to Em and making the shift to put my goals and visions into a premeditated schedule, I felt a heavy weight of anxiety surrounded by conception that I wouldn't have enough time to be self-employed and work a "real" job part time in addition to teaching and practicing yoga, taking care of our household (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc) with a heavy dose of downtime for myself and my family. Now that we've spent some time together and simplified my needs and wants into a timetable with items prioritized, I feel that weight has been lifted and I am in more control of my schedule and choices than I believed. I'm ready to take on the world!” -- Hayley Worthman,


Emily is my favorite high vibe cheerleader and queen visionary! Her magnificence lays in pinpointing your unique purpose while expertly strategizing in a way that feels spacious and achievable, but also in a way that will blow your freakin mind! She is extremely resourceful, consistently tapped in to the magic of manifestation and authentic expression. She walks her talk! I see her as a beautiful honey bee, buzzing around helping women to bloom into their power!” -- Michelle


“I have been known and worked with many coaches and goddesses, but Emily has something no one else I have seen has.  I would call Emily an Intuitive Visionary.  She has an uncanny ability to see you so fully in your power and your own purpose that you can't help but begin to see yourself that way too. That is an incredible gift.  She is the one I call when I want to feel expansive and energized about my vision, which usually happens when I'm feeling the exact opposite, ready to run and hide under my bed! One session with her and I can go from feeling overwhelmed that the tasks are too big, stuck because it feels too far ahead, and scared of or unsure about what is next; to feeling clear in my vision and sure of my ability to get there, confident that I am way further along than I realized, jazzed about the action steps she showed me that I didn't see, and wholly safe and supported.  If you are unsure what your purpose or next life project is, if you are feeling scared and stuck when you think about what it could be, or if you know but have no idea how to get there, call Emily. Emily sees the highest in everyone, she is such a bright light, without judgement or comparison.  She is a true Goddess, who sees the Goddess in each of us. I giggle when I think that I am years older than Emily, and yet in so many ways I want to be like her when I grow up!” -- Cara Viana,


You are always teaching me how to connect to my goddess through self-care and connecting back to my divinity, my gifts and what it means to be my own woman. You always remind me of the importance of having fun, of loving myself and taking care of her-- my body, mind and soul. You are always cheering me on and you always make me feel so seen. Growing deeper in our bond and friendship for over a year and a half now, and traveling down the path of sisterhood with you has been such a beautiful gift.  I am always reminded of my beauty and that is because you yourself walk that talk and reflect that back to me. Aphrodite also says, "Celebrate your magnificence". And, that is what you show me always! Whether it's when we go shopping or wine tasting or singing in the car or we're away on retreat or standing together in circle and meditation, you always show me the beauty that can exist! You show your tribe how anything is possible and anyone that gets to walk their journey with you is in for an amazing life to unfold for them.” -- Jaclyn Wallach,


"My sessions with Emily ignite my feminine energy in ways I've never experienced. Our sessions are powerful and playful, and I love trying to keep up with all the magic we create. Emily co-creates with me, we are in it together. It feels like Emily and I stood on the edge of a boat, grabbed hands, and jumped into an undiscovered ocean. We are swimming in a sea of beauty and seeing things we've never seen before. I am in pure reverence after each session." -- Kelley Cooper, Wild Woman Warrior + Life Coach,



“Emily is a sensitive spirit-sister, a fierce intuitive warrior, and a priestess of the divine.” -- Alison Garber, Native Apothecary

“The most valuable parts of the sister circles with Emily have been having a group of like-minded women to share your thoughts, fears and desires with; like-minded in the sense that despite our differences, we are committed to bettering ourselves and helping uplift and empower our fellow sisters. A place where you can ask for suggestions or resources and each individual is happy to oblige. We are committed to bettering ourselves and helping our sisters in the process.” — Jen Abans

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"You are a graceful leader and kindhearted spiritual guide. Each week you arrived ready to listen and inspire. Your advice and perspective were always grounded in love and truth, which made even challenging truths easier to hear. Thank you for bringing our sisterhood together and for continuing to share your journey with us as you and your business continue to evolve."  - Eryn Morgan Goldman, Eagle + Mouse