The Cedar Room, 701 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29403

7 - 10 PM

ADMISSION: $75 until August 15, $80 until September 10, $85 until September 21



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RECEIVE a beautiful gift bag lovingly packed with conscious products to support your mind, body, and spirit

SOOTHE your soul with a guided meditation to connect you to your dreams, mission, + inner light

SUPPORT women-owned conscious businesses in our highly curated vendor village

CONNECT with like-minded women in a beautiful and sacred environment

BE part of a powerful and transformative opening + closing ceremony

IGNITE your divine feminine power, authenticity, vision, and potential

NOURISH your body with food by Mercantile + Mash

GIVE BACK to Women for Women International

SAVOR a celebratory Champagne toast

BASK in the abundance of good vibes

CREATE your own flower crown with Petaloso

CREATE new intentions

FEEL like a Goddess

Dance. Laugh. Love.




EMILY CASSEL is the creator + facilitator of Sexy Soulful Sisterhood Events. She is also a certified life, business, + leadership coach for soulful, ambitious, and visionary women change-makers, thought-leaders, and light-workers. 

Emily guides women worldwide, with big dreams + a desire to make the world a better place toward their greatest aliveness + success by embracing more freedom, flow, and fulfillment through a revolutionary approach to sustainable success that avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness. She supports women's transformations and success through one-on-one coaching, her signature program Freedom is Sexy, and The Feminine Leadership Mastermind.

Emily is devoted to having new conversations around what it means to be a soulful feminine leader in the 21st century in a way that restores wholeness, balance, creativity, love, and empowerment on her podcast, Sexy Soulful Success.

By connecting to their feminine power and sisterhood support while pursuing their heart-centered missions, Emily believes that women will truly save the world.


STEPHANIE BURG was a professional ballerina for over a decade.  After years of restrictive, disordered eating and utter disregard for her body, a series of injuries took her from the stage and forced her to reevaluate every facet of her life, starting with her relationship to her body.   

Now a Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie is a fierce advocate for the human form, drawing upon her expertise in movement and studies in holistic nutrition, gut health, food allergies and emotional well-being to teach women how to return to the innate wisdom and brilliance of their female bodies by shedding outmoded, limiting beliefs and prioritizing excellent nutrition and self-care. Stephanie believes that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create the life she was born to live. 

Stephanie’s work has been featured in publications such as ABC News, Colorado Public Radio, Dance Magazine, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, and various national and local publications.  Stephanie was selected as one of Charleston, SC’s “50 Most Progressive” celebrating the most forward-thinking individuals having an impact on the future of Charleston.

CARYN ANTOS O'HARA has wisdom beyond her years and offers it to the world as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She is a published writer, public speaker, and yoga instructor. Caryn is the expert in surviving cancer. She’s a natural connector and inspires others daily with her vulnerability and force to be reckoned with ability to put her life on a shelf when holding space for others. She is most often sought after by women experiencing change, grief, or trauma in the pursuit for tools to reconnect to self and start living life abundantly.

Caryn is the real deal. She listens intently and shares time-tested self care tools that intimately connect her clients to their innate healing wisdom. Caryn looks at her near death experience as her “rise into grace” and takes from it the opportunity to connect more authentically to self and spirit, from which she has honed the ability to shine light and strength as she guides others in turning their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts.

She has over twenty years of experience working in teaching and coaching capacities, and today she travels the globe to meet with clients in groups and privately, in-person and remotely, connecting through stories of adversity, illness, loss, struggle, and triumph.

ALEXANDRA KEANE is an Herbalist, Regenerative Systems Designer, and Owner of Sacred Circle Herbal Apothecary, LLC. She believes that the path of healing always presents itself as a journey, and discovered botanical medicine through understanding the deep nuances of the many stories hidden within the ecological landscape.  This path particularly unfolded in the idea of restoration through a systems thinking approach - by tending to spaces that were once bereft and in need of stark transition (internally & externally,) into thriving and biodiverse environments.  This process and embodiment of restorative action soon consumed her being, and motivated her to explore restorative philosophy through many different avenues - specifically through the environment and the human body.   

Her background in ethnographic and ethnobotanical research, regenerative theory and restorative design, permaculture, farming, botanical medicine, and teaching in higher educational institutions has created an immersive infusion that has provided a holistic perspective on health, ecological, project, and business management.  Her current passions are to share and education others on botanical medicine, holistic medicinal practices, and how to find the interface between western and eastern medicine.  To be able to share, educate, and empower many communities with these principles is not only a gift to her - it is soul satisfying!


The Cedar Room at THE CIGAR FACTORY - 701 E Bay Street Charleston, SC 29403


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Q: What should I wear?

A: Anything that makes you feel beautiful or like a Goddess! No need to wear yoga clothes. A flowy dress and sandals would be great, but whatever you're comfortable and feel beautiful in is perfect.. 

Q: What should I bring?

A: You may want to bring a journal and pen with you to write down any break-throughs, aha's, or things you'd like to remember.

Q: Is this event for me?

A: This event is for women of all ages from all walks of life. If you have a desire to make the world a better place, then we would LOVE to have you join in the fun at this event! If you are looking to gain inspiration, authentic connection with other women, + figure out how to turn your dreams into reality, this event is perfect for you. If you'd like to come hang out at the gorgeous Cedar Room and drink bubbly, come join us and I promise you won't be disappointed! :)

Q: If I can't make it, or I change my mind, is my ticket refundable?

A: Unfortunately, your ticket cannot be refunded. If you would like to transfer the name of your ticket and send someone else in your place, please e-mail us at so we can update our guest list. 

Secure your ticket now to become part of a sisterhood of conscious women who are passionate, authentic, and driven by a burning desire to influence positive change in the world.



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TIME: 7 - 10 PM