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Join me for an in-person experience in Charleston, SC or break up your session in 90-minute virtual increments. 

6 + 9-month journeys available

Space is limited to 6 exceptional women each year. All sessions are done virtually and are recorded and sent to you along with session notes + suggested action steps. You'll also have 24/7 access to me via the Voxer app.

Love notes from soulful women on a mission who have worked with me 1-on-1

"Emily has the unique ability to listen between the words her clients speak,  teasing out the common threads, hidden desires and unspoken genius that makes each person unique.

Through her soulful and loving wisdom, Emily will guide you to new depths of awareness around how you can use your unique gifts to create a business and life of joy, alignment and ease.

With her beautiful insight and genuine care Emily will support you in taking powerful action to create the reality of your dreams." 

Stephanie Burg, Body Love + Nutrition Coach at www.stephanieburgcoaching.com 

"Working with Emily is a gift. Emily brings her natural, feminine leadership to the session and guides you to see your truth and the value in what you want and do. 

In a short period of time, Emily was able to help me gain awareness into next steps, and see something I had been stuck on in an entirely new light. She also helped me hone in on where to focus my marketing attention to grow my business with ease instead of scattered overwhelm. 

Emily doesn't come in with an agenda, rather meets you where you're at and gently guides you. She listens and pulls out the nuggets of what's already working instead of trying to change you."

Kim Argetsinger, Success + Mindset Business Coach at www.kimargetsinger.com

"Emily is truly a gifted teacher and healer in her own right, making space for what is needed to be uncovered so that success flows in.

She has this uncanny ability to coax out of myself things that I had forgotten-- that I am valued and here to do good work for the world. 

My time spent with Emily's one-on-one program was incredible, giving me the tools to be the empowered woman that I need to be." 

Alison Garber, Herbalist + Folk Healer at www.nativeapothecary.com

“Emily is THE coach for women in the coaching world! Her leadership skills truly shine in this field and with her experience, she is right at your side in a totally authentic and relatable way.

In what can seem like the lonely entrepreneurial world of being a new coach, she helps you feel right at home with guidance from someone who has been there, found the way, and can now offer wisdom as to how to gracefully skip down the path to becoming a thriving and confident coach.

She has been working her magic with me since the beginning of my biz and has shown her brilliance every step of the way.

Her continued support and guidance has truly helped me cultivate growth within myself, my business, my relationships, my bank account, and my overall happiness.

With great pleasure, I highly recommend Emily to any woman out there trying to find her way in the coaching world, no matter what point of the journey you are on. To put it simply, she is a total f’n goddess that you want by your side!”

Courtney Sage, Massage Therapist + Coach // Founder of Birch + Basil Wellness at www.birchandbasil.com

“ In the midst of making a huge transition in my life I reached out to Emily for some guidance.  

In our first session, Emily aided in clarifying a path by asking the questions necessary for me to see the bigger picture.  What does my ideal life look like? Where do I see myself flourishing?

Upon answering, she put together an affirmation; an invocation for me to refer to while on my journey.

Since our meeting, I quit my corporate job, took stock in my own worth and opened my first lifestyle boutique.  I am indeed flourishing and still refer to the affirmation that gave me wings.”

Leslie McAllister, Founder of Juju’s Boutique at www.shop-juju.com