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Sexy Soulful Strategy Session (1-hr)

Curious about what coaching can do for you and about how we can work together? Want to "pick my brain" about business, strategy, leadership, and a soulfully feminine approach to all of it? Looking for a kick-start, perspective-change, or inspirational re-set to leave you with a blissful buzz? 

In this 1-hour session, we'll chat about anything and everything you desire in, and make some initial progress working through whatever is keeping you feeling stuck, blocked, or small. 

We will also have the opportunity to chat about possibilities for the future and how we can work together, so this is a great option if you are considering any of my programs or services otherwise.

This session is whatever you'd like it to be, and you and I will map out our plan for our time together once you book and schedule your session!

I can't wait to meet you and your beautiful soul, and help you uncover your unique path, mission, and purpose. 



half-day + Full-Day Intensive Coaching Sessions

Join me for an in-person private retreat experience in beautiful Charleston, SC! Together, we will explore your life (and business, if you have one) from a 360-degree perspective, uncovering your strengths, truth, clear vision, + next steps, as well as an approach to taking inspired action that is balanced and sustainable, drawing on both feminine and masculine energies. 

Once you book your session, I'll be in touch with you to choose a date that works best for you, send you a (very in depth) questionnaire to fill out so I can prepare to serve you best, and accommodation suggestions (if you're traveling from out of town). 

You'll be amazed at the power a single day devoted to YOU will create in your life + business, and I can't wait to support you in breaking through any limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that are keeping you from experiencing your greatest aliveness + leadership! 

Intensive Session Options

*Payment Plans Available* E-mail me at


"Emily has the unique ability to listen between the words her clients speak,  teasing out the common threads, hidden desires and unspoken genius that makes each person unique. Through her soulful and loving wisdom, Emily will guide you to new depths of awareness around how you can use your unique gifts to create a business and life of joy, alignment and ease. With her beautiful insight and genuine care Emily will support you in taking powerful action to create the reality of your dreams." - Stephanie Burg, Body Love + Nutrition Coach at 


1:1 life, business, + leadership MENTORSHIP

6 + 9-month journeys available [space is limited to 4 women per year]

Please schedule a Sexy Soulful Strategy Session (above) so we can connect and speak about options + availability. If we decide to work together, your initial investment of $125 will be refunded and applied to your package balance. 

What Clients Are Saying About Working With Me 1:1