The On-Site Sustainable Business Accelerator 

Sustainable Growth Strategies to Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling + Up-Level Your Company’s Success

For Women-Owned Small to Medium Sized Businesses


If you find yourself challenged by...

  • Knowing that important things are slipping through the cracks
  • Not having a clear & strategic plan to grow, scale, & expand your business
  • Dischord in your work environment 
  • Operating primarily in overwhelm, reactivity, & over-drive
  • Employees constantly leaving or not being the right fit

but what you really want is...

  • To know exactly what to do & where to focus your energy
  • To scale your business and make more money & impact
  • Create harmony & efficiency in the workplace 
  • A thriving company on all levels, for everyone involved 
  • To re-awaken the enthusiasm in your company

...Then you need this experiential accelerator!


I travel to your business to support you and your whole team on-site for 4 days. If your business is virtual, we decide on a location to host a team retreat so that we will all gather together in person. 

Before I arrive, I do an extensive amount of prep work including confidential surveys, StrengthsFinder analysis, & more to get to know the intricate details of how your business works, noticing inefficiencies & what could be even better to lead to success that's fulfilling for everyone involved. Together, we'll create the strategies necessary to break through to the next level of growth in your business. 

Together, you and I craft a custom plan to meet your team's needs, including a team-building excursion (that's actually engaging, exciting, & inspiring!) and helps to solve some of the challenges you're up against.

When I arrive, we deep-dive together, as well as with your team for 4 days in a fun, engaging, inspiring, & unconventional format.





Once we wrap up our in-person time together, I head home, and we'll connect virtually for 2, 1-hr private coaching sessions over the following month to share my honest feedback & recommendations for your business moving forward. Together, we work out any kinks that still feel confusing or challenging for you, and for your team as a whole.


The intention behind this offering is multi-fold, and everything we do is through the lens of building a business that's sustainably successful in all ways, and can bend, flex, adapt, and be super agile as inevitable changes arise as your company evolves.

Most people believe that "business structures" need to be rigid, fixed, and impenetrable.

But really, in order to build a business that can withstand any challenge that arises, whether internal or external, we must create businesses using a model that takes into account the entire ecosystem of our work, and create systems and structures that allow every "cell" in that ecosystem to thrive. 

I believe that "business as usual" isn't working -- it's not working for the new generations of employees who crave high engagement & a community culture, and it's not working for our world at large for business to remain all about the bottom line, instead of taking a more holistic and systemic view of how every piece of a business effects the whole. 

In order to be sustainably successful, every business needs to be equipped to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in which it exists. And in addition, for most of the women entrepreneurs I've ever met (and there have been MANY!), it's completely unfulfilling for us to leave our hearts & souls at the door and just hunker down & hustle.

When it comes to our work, we want to feel in flow, thriving, fulfilled, and free -- and the current models we have for operating in business don't accommodate for these desires. Instead, we tend to feel stretched too thin, burnt out, over-worked, overwhelmed, and depleted.

I believe it's up to US as a generation of women entrepreneurs to trailblaze a pathway toward a new way of doing business, leading teams, and living our personal mission that supports our whole selves, our deepest desires, & our fullest expression as powerful women -- as women who are sovereign, vulnerable, & contagiously enthusiastic about our work.

My approach integrates the best of all worlds that I've found small to medium sized businesses typically don't have access to, including (but not limited to):

  • Positive Psychology
  • Transformational Life/Leadership/Business Coaching
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Mindful + Sustainable Business Practices
  • Human Resources
  • Impactful Branding
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • High-level & engaging team retreats
  • Macro & Micro Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Customized & Conscious Business Consulting

If you want to scale & feel ready to...

  • Grow your business
  • Create harmony & efficiency in your workplace ecosystem
  • Build a thriving company on all levels & for all involved
  • Reawaken the passion & enthusiasm again for your work
  • Leverage your business as a platform to create a bigger impact in the world
  • & create success that's sustainable and fulfilling

...then I'd love to invite you to explore this opportunity with me.



Emily Cassel is a Leadership & Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. For the past 4 years, she has been working exclusively with women entrepreneurs in her virtual private & group coaching practice, supporting her clients to launch & grow their businesses from inspired ideas to thriving + sustainable enterprises that are successful both externally and internally and create a positive impact on the world.

Emily holds a BA in Psychology from Chatham University and a Coaching Certification from Mentor Masterclass. Her work has been featured in Skirt Magazine, Best Kept Self, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, & other notable publications. Her blog was named by Feedspot as a Top 100 Life Coach Blog, and her podcast, Sexy Soulful Success, has received international praise + recognition. 

At the core of all she does lives the mission of supporting women leaders (and now, the teams they lead) to reawaken their innate wisdom to create a more powerful and balanced impact in the future our world. 

Emily believes that business should be used as a pathway to create a better world, to do more good, and to allow our unique missions, strengths, and purpose to be heard, seen, and felt.