34 :: Making a Profit While Making a Difference with Carlie Christensen


Boob-eez founder, Carlie Christenson was on was on the brink of turning ten when she began feeling self-conscious about her developing body. After borrowing her mother's array of adhesive bras and nipple coverings, Carlie came up with her own idea of what would work better. With help from her parents, she invented the perfect product and named it Boob-eez because it made boobs "easier".

Boob-eez are the ideal solution anytime you need a little "coverage" where it matters most. You can stick them on - with or without a bra - and stand tall with confidence!


Instagram :: https://www.instagram.com/boob_eez/ 

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/boobeez/ 

Website :: https://boob-eez.com/


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33 :: Soap, Soul, + Sisterhood with April Motley

April Motley is the founder of Old Whaling Company, a handmade soap business based in Charleston, SC. 

For April, determination to find better alternatives to drug store products for her family quickly turned in to a dream of entrepreneurship. Old Whaling Company has grown in to a thriving business producing tens of thousands of products every year, each hand crafted by our dedicated team. 

Click HERE to get your ticket to join us LIVE in Charleston for

Live Your Light: A Summer Solstice Sisterhood Soirée 

on Thursday June 22 from 7-10 pm at The Cedar Room!


Instagram :: www.instagram.com/oldwhalingco

Website :: http://www.oldwhalingcompany.com


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32 :: Live Your Light with Cortney Ostrosky

CORTNEY OSTROSKY is a yoga instructor, lifestyle coach, international retreat leader, and lululemon ambassador based right here in Charleston, SC.  

With a social media following of over 20K, she is an all around boss Goddess and inspiration in life and business alike. 

Cortney’s diverse background in the yoga world gives her an array of styles to draw inspiration from, as she explores soulful movement in her classes + workshops. 


Click HERE to get your ticket to join us LIVE in Charleston for Live Your Light: A Summer Solstice Sisterhood Soirée on Thursday June 22 from 7-10 pm! 


Instagram :: www.instagram.com/cortney108

Website :: http://cortneyostrosky.com


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31 :: Sexy Self Care with Carly Morgan Gross

Carly Morgan is an empowerment, self-love, and sensuality coach for women awakening into their souls dharma on Earth. She teaches light-workers, free-spirits, and sensitive souls how to use devotional self-love, feminine ritual, natural nutrition, and spiritual practice to fuel the confident creator goddess inside. Catalyzer of The Sexy Self Care Course, Live Your Light, and her soon to launch program- Sensual Lifestyle… Carly’s mission is to revolutionize the way women relate to their inner world so they can feel confident, radiant, and able to live their most turned on life. 


Instagram :: www.instagram.com/carlymorgangross

Website :: http://carlymorgangross.com/


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30 :: Authentic Marketing with Rebecca Ives Rubin

Rebecca Rubin is a feel-good marketing coach for women entrepreneurs.  She helps her clients write content that makes waves in the online world and overcome their inner blocks to authentic visibility.  Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CBS Radio, NBC News, The Huffington Post, and more.

Rebecca is also a full-time digital nomad and spent 2016 living in 12 countries in 12 months, while running her business from her laptop.  

On the days she’s not writing, strategizing + coaching up the wazoo, you can find her unwinding on her yoga mat, planning her next travel adventure, or binge-watching the latest Netflix show about teenagers with magical powers.


Website :: www.thepursuitoffabulous.com.

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.i.rubin 


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29 :: What It Takes To (REALLY) Have It All with Gervase Kolmos

Gervase is Coach Training Alliance Certified Life & Leadership Coach for Mamas, and the founder of Your Mommy Soul Tribe™ here at Shiny. Happy. Human™. She’s leading a movement that gives permission + resources to women ready to have it ALL in business and #MomLife.

She is a passionate truth-teller and intuition-follower who believes that raising tiny humans is hard, but being human doesn’t have to be. She teaches this purposeful and liberating mommy lifestyle in her free Mommy Soul Tribe Facebook group, at local events, in her Reclaim You Before Baby Turns 2 program and through private coaching. She’s spoken throughout the Lowcountry to groups like MOPS, Charleston Moms Blog and at the Center for Women’s 2016 Passion, Purpose and Power conference and has been featured on Lowcountry Live. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, Charleston Moms Blog and more.

She’s called Charleston home for almost 14 years and enjoys dance parties, bike rides, soulful conversations and champagne on a Tuesday.

Connect with Gervase Kolmos:

WEBSITE :: www.shinyhappyhuman.com

FACEBOOK :: www.facebook.com/groups/mommysoultribe

INSTAGRAM :: www.instagram.com/gervasekolmos

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28 :: Whole Fertile Life with Fernanda Lodeiro

Fernanda Lodeiro is a Whole Fertile Life and Feminine Leadership coach and, as she likes to say, the Soul midwife for your future children, whether a baby, or a deeply desired Soul project that is asking to be born. She invokes a transformation within so your gifts can come to light, and life can unfold, and thrive. With a PhD in biochemistry and training as both a holistic health coach and life coach, Fernanda integrates a scientific based approach to nutrition, supplementation and exercise with coaching techniques and spiritual practices to improve mind-body-spirit wellbeing in preparation for “baby calling” and parenting. She also supports women ready to step into their creative power and own their gifts to bring their life to a new level by walking the path of Feminine Leadership.


WEBSITE :: www.FernandaLodeiro.com

FACEBOOK :: https://www.facebook.com/fernandalodeirophd/


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27 :: Breaking Up With Pushing Through with Caitlin Ford McCarthy

Caitlin McCarthy is an Accredited Nutritionist, Transformational Coach and founder of The Sensual Shift and caitlinfordmccarthy.com. She works with women all over the world and teaches them to connect to their desires, trust their intuition and live their TRUTH. Her movement inspires women to create abundance by owning their exquisite beauty & strength.

Connect with Caitlin Ford McCarthy:

WEBSITE :: www.caitlinfordmccarthy.com

FACEBOOK :: https://www.facebook.com/caitlinmccarthy1

INSTAGRAM :: https://www.instagram.com/caitlinfordmccarthy/

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26 :: The Passage From Maiden to Queen Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

Sarah Durham Wilson is a women's writer and leader. Once a rock journalist in New York City & L.A., her Saturn Return viscerally ended one life and began another: one devoted wholly to the Goddess. A teacher & retreat leader, she's journeyed thousands of women through witch awakenings, onto the Priestess Path, and she now leads them across the bridge of the archetypal Maiden to Mother Passage, which is her current focus & devotion.


Connect with Sarah Durham Wilson:

WEBSITE :: www.doitgirl.com

FACEBOOK :: www.facebook.com/shaktisarah

INSTAGRAM :: www.instagram.com/sarahdurhamwilson

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25 :: Being a Boss Babe with Shinjini Das (The Go-Getter Girl)

Shinjini Das (born January 9, 1992), The Go-Getter Girl!, is an American multi-media personality, millennial influencer, keynote speaker, Huffington Post contributor, brand spokesperson, engineer, digital strategist, and entrepreneur. An empowering and globally recognized versatile talent with a worldwide social media following of 96K+, she has been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Sirius XM, INC., FORBES, is fluent in Spanish, and wasinvited to moderate a panel at The Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Headquarters as a Global Hero for her international advocacy work to empower women.

24 :: Awakening The Goddess with Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a multi-passionate artist, entrepreneur, and Priestess. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada with her wife and young son. As an Empowerment Coach and Goddess Guide, she works with women ready to awaken to their potential, embody their wisdom, and step into their power. She is a self-described bon vivant: “I live life to the fullest, love deeply, laugh out loud, and put my heart and soul into all that I do. I love being creative, travelling, and eating anything pesto.” Her spiritual journey started young. The mysteries of the metaphysical always fascinated her, and lead to studies in Reiki, Yoga, devotional chanting, crystals, tarot and rune oracles, Spiral Dynamics, and chakras. In 2016, she completed the 12 week course “Liberating the Goddesses Within You” with psychologist and author Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen, and has been in apprentice training with Elayne Kalila’s Priestess Presence Temple. 

23 :: Leadership + Success In Turbulent Times

Kim Argetsinger is a life + success coach who helps ambitious, creative high achievers get crystal clear on what they want, get out of their own way, and create a life of work + play they love. Her compassionate style of coaching helps clients break down the barriers holding them back, take inspired action, and bring their vision to the next level. When Kim isn't coaching you can find her getting her sweat on in a spin class, rocking out to Taylor Swift, exploring Manhattan, or indulging in a glass of wine with loved ones.

Join Kim and other like-minded people on a free 7-day challenge that helps you create a morning routine that sets you up for more happiness + success HERE 

22 :: Being A Kickstarter Author with Amanda Johnson

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.20.27.png

Amanda is a writer, teacher, guide, and soulful inquirer who helps recovering perfectionists and over-thinkers turn their critic into their ally so they can love the life they have and have the life they want. She shares her message in weekly videos, group training programs, and coaching so people can recognize their wholeness and start being good with being them.

You may donate to her Kickstarter campaign for her book, Becoming Enough, HERE.

21 :: Receiving our Medicine With Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley is a Women’s Leadership Coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. Inspired by the belief that the world will be set free by women who are free & sisterhood is key to a woman’s freedom. Nisha creates communities of women leaders to support them to live, love, and lead with depth and beauty. After struggling for years as a foodaholic, shopaholic, and workaholic, she found her own freedom and set out to support other women in finding theirs by midwifing women back to sisterhood and the truth of their innate beauty and brilliance. Today she works with clients through private coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, and online courses.You can explore more at www.nishamoodley.com

18 :: Body Wisdom for Women On A Mission with Stephanie Burg

A Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie teaches women how to return to the innate wisdom and brilliance of their female bodies. She believes that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create the life she was born to live. Get access to Stephanie's 7 Day Formula for FINALLY Loving the Body Because feeling great in your body is your birthright. Stephanie’s work has been featured in publications such as ABC News,  Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, and more. Also she was selected as one of Charleston, “50 Most Progressive” celebrating the most forward-thinking individuals.

18 :: Soulful Partnership with Sarah + Preston Moore

Sarah and Preston Moore are the #1 Relationship Coaches in Philadelphia. They know what it’s like to have a good relationship but felt that something was missing.They wanted to be emotionally intimate not just communicate well; they wanted to have wildly passionate sex rather than be roommates who did it because it has been a while; they wanted to feel really in love instead of annoyed by what the other isn’t doing. Sarah and Preston help committed, married couples, who already have a great connection, develop the tools to long ­lasting emotional intimacy.For all the juicy information, go to www.mooresoulsessions.com

17 :: Being True to You with Kelley Cooper

Kelley Cooper helps women go from stressed to soulful by connecting with their inner goddess. Kelley is devoted to living authentically and vulnerably, fully embracing her wild woman warrior. She feels most grounded in nature and is deeply inspired by mother earth. Kelley mixes beautiful spiritual practices with a playful energy in all that she creates. Kelley offers private coaching and hosts women's circles.

16 :: Inspired Living (On Your Own Terms) with Bailey Frumen

Bailey Frumen is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and transformational success coach for ambitious women entrepreneurs. Through her live events, speaking engagements,and transformational coaching, Bailey helps women around the world transcend fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty. She guides women on their path to creating the business and life they’ve always wanted. Learn more about Bailey at www.BaileyFrumen.com.