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Curated events for ambitious women leaders + entrepreneurs

Gather in sisterhood, discover your innate feminine wisdom, + create a visionary approach to your work in the world

Upcoming Events

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Have a big vision and love collaborating with empowered women? 

If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work but struggle to carve out the time, Workaway Weekend is where you can make focused progress on that big project, new offering or upcoming launch.

Known for its southern charm, cobblestone streets and well-manicured parks with oak tree canopies, Savannah is the perfect place to connect with your new business besties and enjoy a slower place of life while finding inspiration for all your big ideas. 

Picture a dreamy luxury house, curated dining experiences, co-working sessions with your new business besties and time to recharge in a supportive and beautiful setting. 


Weekend Workshops


The Art of Feminine Leadership: Leveraging Your Innate Wisdom For Greater Impact In Your Business

  • Understanding + utilizing your cyclical nature as a tool for increasing productivity
  • How to make aligned decisions using both feelings and logic
  • Cultivating deep self-trust + connection with your inner wisdom
  • Mastering the dance of being both soft & strong as a modern-day woman
  • Accessing and embracing your fullest expression as the woman you're here to be
  • Understanding your personal + professional mission and core message

Balancing Hustle + Flow: Strategies for Sustainable Productivity in your Business + Life

  • How to use the four seasons of sustainable success to inform your self-care + actions
  • The in's & out's of creating supportive boundaries between work + life
  • Giving yourself guilt-free permission to rest & simply be instead of "doing"
  • Balancing all of your life's roles while creating an impact
  • Why our obsession with to-do lists isn't helping us achieve more
  • Avoiding burn-out, overwhelm, + stress

Trailblazing a New Success Narrative for Women

  • Why our current success model is linear, forceful, + hierarchical and what to do about it
  • Silencing the pesky inner critic that tells us we can't break out of the norm
  • Understanding our primal feminine instincts, wisdom, + needs in the context of modern day life and work
  • How to create a life of powerful impact while maintaining a sense of flow + effortlessness
  • Why "women supporting women" needs to be more than just a hashtag

Learn to Tell Your Truth

  • Guided writing and interviewing exercises to bring your story to life
  • Defining the unique skills and gifts you bring to others
  • How to identify and own your platform
  • Exercises to help you write your empowerment code and personal purpose statement
  • A strategy for turning your vulnerability into strength and connecting with your audience
  • Empowerment for owning your story and becoming an authority with your voice


What's Included

Save your spot! The cost to attend is $2,300  (or a $300 deposit and four payments of $500) and includes: 

Group accountability call after the weekend

All meals, drinks and snacks during your stay

Four-night, three day all inclusive stay in a luxury house

Group excursion and workouts based on your preference! 

Virtual intensives with our expert in the weeks leading up the weekend

Customized plan for your desired project or weekend goals and monthly check-in calls



No refunds will be issued for live events. Your investment can be applied to another product or service with Emily Cassel Coaching if an emergency arises and you are unable to attend.

Past Events


The art of leading a Soulful Business

April 7, 2018 at a private residence on James Island, SC

This is for you if…

  • You tend to have a to-do list a mile long
  • You have a tendency of pushing yourself too hard (to the point of burnout or procrastination)
  • You're unclear on your mission, vision, and/or bigger picture "why" behind your business (or business idea)
  • You desire support around how to bridge the gap between where you are + where you'd love to be in your business + life
  • You feel like you've hit a plateau or ceiling in your business, and things aren't progressing or growing at the rate you're used to or expecting
  • You have a difficult time finding balance when it comes to taking action in your business + creating boundaries between your work + other areas of your life
  • You feel like you're always busy, working hard, + wondering if you're doing enough
  • You're intrigued by learning more about leveraging your distinctly feminine brain, body, instincts, + energy in your business and life

expect to walk away with...

  • A clear 360-degree vision for your life + business 
  • A strategic timeline and map for your most fulfilling month yet
  • An inspiring and profitable plan that you feel confident and energized to follow through on effortlessly
  • Strategies to take aligned action with less hustle + pushing, and more flow + ease
  • A fearless, limitless, + expanded perspective about what's possible for you
  • The feelings of wholeness, support, empowerment, clarity, confidence, flow, + ease

first love | Yoga + sisterhood workshop

February 11, 2018 at Inhale Yoga Pittsburgh

When we think of our “first love,” a picture of ourselves rarely comes to mind. Instead, we consider all the past relationships we’ve been in, and factors outside of ourselves that had us feel worthy, whole, loved, romanced, nourished, and cared for. 

Join Soulful Success Coach, Emily Cassel, and Yoga Teacher, Sydney Shoff at Inhale Pittsburgh for a cozy winter sisterhood gathering, where coaching and yoga come together to eliminate any barriers that are keeping you from experiencing the depth of your radiant heart. 

Because when a woman treats herself as a loved one, she becomes unstoppable, and that is why both Emily and Sydney are on a mission to reclaim and redefine the phrase “first love.” 

Because women who love themselves have reclaimed the power within to create absolutely anything in this one beautiful life. Because women who love themselves hold the keys within their hearts to truly transform the world from the inside, out.

In this 2-hour workshop, expect to walk away with...

  • A wide open heart + strong sacred boundaries
  • Tools + resources to be kinder to yourself
  • A renewed sense of purpose, meaning, + nourishment
  • The permission to practice self-care on your own terms
  • Soulful strategies to reconnect to your own inner guidance + wisdom
  • Wholeness + nourishment for your mind, body, + spirit

Ready to set your heart FREE, so that you can unleash your full power + potential this Valentine’s Day?


Savasana at midnight 

December 31, 2017 at Urban Yoga Charleston

Time to light it up, burn it off, and let it go. Out with the old, in with the OM. You ready?  

Join UFY founder, Meg Gray, and soulful success coach, Emily Cassel, as we gather together and RESOLVE TO EVOLVE in 2018 - through breath, movement, sweat, dancing, celebration and good ol' fashioned holiday cheer!

Got something(s) you’ve been grasping onto a bit too tightly? Something grasping on to you - holding you back? Ready to let it all go, expunge, and make some room for the new? Come on in!

We will begin our evening as we plant the seeds of intention for the year ahead with a guided meditation and intention setting with Emily.  Then Meg will lead us in a heated vinyasa flow sure to empower you to flow & sweat your way into a positive resolution!  We will end our practice with a mindful reflection of 2017 - helllloooo midnight savasana!

Dancing and champagne toast at midnight to end our evening of celebration, music, yoga and release of EVERYTHING no longer serving you!  

After this night, you’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in 2018!


hidden gem candle maker break at candlefish

December 30, 2017 at Candlefish Charleston, SC

Gather together to close 2017 on a high note, surrounded by an inspired group of women ready to make 2018 their best year yet! During this workshop, you'll be guided by Emily Cassel, Soulful Success Coach for Women, to set your intentions for 2018 and choose a theme word for what you'd love to master and embody more of in the new year. Carve out some intentional time for YOU, and get clear about what next year holds for you and how you're going to create more of what you desire in every area of your life.

Oh... and don't forget your journal, a pen, + a bottle of your favorite bubbly or wine to celebrate a year well-lived, well-loved, and well-led!

Expect to leave feeling uplifted, clear, + confident about what next year holds for you, with two custom-scented candles infused with your intentions (and a crystal, for good measure)! 


The Sexy Soulful Success Retreat 2017

Friday November 3 - Monday November 6, 2017 in Fripp Island Resort, South Carolina

Special Guests - Stephanie Burg, Abigail McClam

What Attendees Said About The Experience: 

“The one-on-one experiences with Emily helped me feel like I could play big & there was clarity manifesting around my journey. I️ feel nourished & nurtured. The support I️ received was invaluable.” - Anna L.

 “Your presence allowed me to feel safe and supported to truly open the gates back into my power. The extra little touches of beauty placed along this retreat - flowers, music, meditations, food, fire burning - all together felt like the soulful “home” I️ needed to bring me back to receive and share. I️ will always celebrate this amazing time and place with you and am so grateful our worlds divinely came together.” - Tierney A.

“This weekend ended up being exactly what I️ needed to break through the barriers/obstacles that were holding me back. Going into this weekend, I️ knew who I️ was and what I️ wanted, but I️ did not know how I️ was going to serve and use my life’s purpose to inspire and grow others. By being surrounded by your energy & wisdom, which is constantly radiating, I️ now know that I️ am well on my path of living a fulfilled life in which I️ can and will inspire others to live mindfully, healthy, & in balance. Thank you for being so warm, welcoming, & accepting of me and my journey.” - Katherine R.


Thursday September 21, 2017 at The Cedar Room (Charleston, SC)

Special Guests - Stephanie Burg, Caryn Ohara, + Alexandra Keane

Vendors - Barracuda Moon Jewelry, Ensemble Consignment Boutique, Lotus Healing Center, + Katie Daehler

Sponsors - The French Eclectic, Candlefish, Trish McEvoy, Skirt Magazine, Rutz Organics, Catherine Smith Style, Mylk Bar, Our Sacred Women, The Woodhouse Spa Mt Pleasant

Beneficiary - Women for Women International

Live Your light :: A Summer solstice Sisterhood Soirée

Thursday June 22, 2017 at The Cedar Room (Charleston, SC)

Special Guest - Cortney Ostrosky

Vendors - Barracuda Moon Jewelry, Ensemble Consignment Boutique, Sacred Circle Herbal, + HMS Logbook

Sponsors - Old Whaling Co., West Elm, Petaloso, Candlefish, Move Think Smile, Trish McEvoy Cosmetics, Boob-eez, Charleston Community Yoga, Skirt Magazine

Beneficiary - Women for Women International