Welcome to Our Soul Tribe, Sister.

I'm so excited to have you on this journey toward your most vibrant, radiant, + fulfilling health, so that you can more easily + effectively share YOUR unique mission with the world through your work. 

When we as women are well taken care of, and embrace + express our innate feminine wisdom, it impacts OUR own future + the future of our world. 

Your body is the vessel for your work + the temple to connect with your intuition and divine guidance, so when she is well loved, clear, + supported to do HER best, then you can do YOUR best, too, and be of greater service to those you support.

I believe that in order to be most effective in our work + impactful in our missions on the planet, we need to prioritize sacred self care and ritual to tune in more deeply and listen to the stirrings of our own souls so that we know WHO we are, WHY we're here, and WHAT to do about it

As women living in these modern times, we are being called to embrace a new paradigm of both being and doing. We are quickly finding out that it's not sustainable for us to strive, push, achieve more, and burn ourselves out in our pursuit to making a difference in our own lives + in our world at large. 

Adrenal fatigue, burn out, reproductive health challenges, + other health concerns for women specifically keep so many women's voices unheard, dreams from becoming reality, and success feeling ultimately empty and unfulfilling. 

To truly set ourselves free + lead the lives + missions our souls came here to lead, that feel abundant, beautiful, + radiant, we can no longer put our health {{ or the health of our Mother, nature }} on the back-burner as an afterthought to doing more work or hustling hard.

Instead, we have to flip the equation to find balance and first take care of our foundation - our bodies, our health, + our needs - so that we can create fertile ground for our seeds of intention to take root, grow, + blossom. Only then can our approach be full of ease, receptivity,  beauty, + flow - all qualities of our innate feminine wisdom that help us to become our best selves + to live our best lives.

Tuning into our senses + our ability to be our own healer, as well as a healer for others, helps us tap into our distinctly feminine history, power, + gifts. 


Women's Health Resources


Yoni Steaming

link to podcast episode with Keli Garza

video interview with Abigail McClam

chemical-free feminine products

Kali Boxes *include podcast interview*




Diva Cup


Cycle tracking

link to myFLO app $1.99

new/full moon + menstrual cycle connection

moon cycle + essential oil PDF

Lunar Abundance book 

seed cycling

divine feminine archetypes

link to PDF + guided meditations/past calls for intention setting with archetypes from FLMM? Workbooks for journaling questions?

seasonal + cyclical living

Pinterest boards for each season healthy recipe ideas

Seasonal Diffuser Blends PDF

hormone balancing

Zendocrine, Clary Calm, Clary Sage, etc. 

Common endocrine disruptors (environmental, etc.), estrogen issues 

link to podcast with Alison Walton 

link to Holistic Living with doTERRA podcast episode on estrogen

stress management


focus + optimal mental function


supportive supplements for women

doterra women's supplements

Amazon shop -- other supplements (from Gwen's program)

chemical-free + healthy home

Pinterest / embed youtube videos for fave recipes (laundry detergent, household cleaners, etc.) 

essential oil tools 

Link to Amazon shop items - specific embed codes vs. whole store? 

roller balls, glass spray bottles, diffuser, etc. 

ritual tools

Amazon shop

recommended resources for futher exploration

Share Success + doTERRA university (how do oils work?)

Steamy Chick certification courses (can I get an affiliate link?)

Lotus Healing Center, CHS -- yoni steam boxes + herbs (tools), mayan healing arvigo massage for fertility + reproductive flow

Alissa Vitti - FloLIVING + myFLO app + Woman Code book (amazon link)

Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom book by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Witch by Lisa Lister? 

Modern Essentials / Essential Living book

Other book recs? 

building your doterra business

video -- how your back office works + the ways to earn

podcast -- all rise up episode on duplication, energy, + responsibility