Are you an inspired woman, who prides herself on being independent + who's been trying to do it ALL on your own?

I know you have BIG dreams + aspirations, and I LOVE that about you and all the ambitious women I get to support through my work.

 I also know that it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable to following through + taking the right strategic action that also feels FUN and doesn't lead to burnout or resentment of your work. 

I know that you're feeling called to step up, lead a personal + professional revolution, and make the world a better place through your business.

And we both know that the tools, strategies, and mindset that have led you to this moment aren't going to work to get you to the next level.

If this feels true for you, sister, then I'm SO happy you're here! 

I have a solution that's helped hundreds of women achieve success that feels soulful + sustainable, while honoring their innate feminine wisdom.


What I know for sure is that now is your time, and our time as women.

And the world can't afford to wait for us to get over the fears, self-doubts, + BS that's part of being a human, but that keeps us small, hiding, and quiet.

it's time for more women's voices to be heard.

It's time for more women's soul callings to be answered.

it's time for more women's fullest lives to be lived + dreams to become reality. 

- Emily Cassel -

I know that YOU want to be one of the women stepping up and speaking out, carving out a new path of possibility for generations of women to follow.

I believe that when a woman fully embraces + expresses her innate feminine wisdom, it impacts HER future and the future of our entire world. 

I'd love for you to join our tribe + experience the collective rising that happens when women gather in sacred sisterhood and open up to receiving support that's smart, strategic, and soulful. 

Throughout our 6-month journey together, you'll have consistent 360-degree support to uncover your mission, know how that translates into a profitable business, + create soulful strategies for growth across the board.

I would be honored to see you inside, sister.

Love + Light, 


admission is now rolling.

Join us at anytime to start your 6 months of

transformational sisterhood, soulwork, + unmatched success.

What's Included In Your Journey


Monthly intention setting call

Gather during the first week of the month to set your intentions + come up with your soulful strategy for success in the month ahead on this 1-hr group coaching call, organized around our monthly theme.


Private Soulful Success Collective HeadQuarters

A safe + sacred private Facebook community with daily prompts to get inspiration flowing. This is also a place to share updates, bounce ideas off of each other, ask for support, collaborate, + celebrate!


group coaching calls

We gather THREE TIMES each month for Group Coaching. In these intimate + life-altering 60-90 min calls, you'll have the opportunity to be in the "hot seat" and receive laser coaching to move through any blocks or questions that arise, and to create momentum where you need it most. Anything you need support with, I'm here for you.


instant access to emily's resource library 

Curious about rituals, success hacks, books, energy work, cyclical living, moon cycles, + more? I''ve got you covered with a resource library, abundant with recommendations, resources, e-books, templates, + guides to setting yourself up for soulful success in all ways.


virtual lesson plans

Each month, our work together will be themed around a concept of feminine power and soulful success. Each month, you'll receive a guided meditation audio, workbook with self-guided coaching activities, + more to support you in mastering our monthly theme.


intimate accountability calls

You’ll be paired with a like-pathed sister in the program to act as your accountability partner throughout the program, with weekly check-in calls with each other to support each other through any challenges + to celebrate your progress and wins along the journey.

The Collective is for you if you're currently feeling...

  • Overwhelmed by a busy schedule + your ambitious pursuits

  • Confused by your multitude of ideas + can't seem to focus on any of them for long enough to create results

  • Like your "soul is dying" driving into your 9-5 job or preparing for a day in your business you worked really hard to create

  • Stuck or blocked from getting what you really want in life or business, despite multiple big investments in programs, trainings, certifications, + ALL the books

  • Held back by the voice in your head that says you aren't good enough, that you have to do more, push harder, and force yourself in order to be successful

  • You want *MORE* in life, but you're unclear about what exactly that looks like

  • You might want to start a business, change career paths, or find out "what's next" for you

  • Frustrated by your lack of motivation to take action on the things you know you SHOULD be doing, such as self-care + big picture planning

  • You've reached a plateau and things aren't progressing at the rapid speed you're used to anymore

  • Misunderstood by people in your life who don't get your big dreams, desires, + vision

Here are just a few results you can expect to receive from this experience:

  • Clarify your purpose, calling, + mission

  • Get un-stuck + create momentum around what matters most to you

  • Master your mindset and feel more courageous + confident in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

  • Feel less overwhelmed + more productive

  • Be consistently motivated toward achieving your dreams + goals with ease

  • Unleash your FULL power + potential

  • Feel confident taking the road less traveled + playing bigger in your life

  • Create harmony + balance in your self, life, work, + relationships

  • Surround yourself with inspiring + supportive women, devoted to living their best + most meaningful lives

  • Create a soul-led life that feels like your unique version of "success"

  • Reclaim your authenticity + re-define what it means to be a powerful woman in the 21st century



Emily Cassel is a Mentor Masterclass Certified Life, Business, + Leadership Coach for high-achieving women on a mission to make the world a better place.

She holds a BA in Psychology, Marketing, & Sustainable Food Systems from Chatham University, has been recognized as one of the top 100 Life Coach Blogs by Feedspot, and her work has been featured on The Huffington Post and Best Kept Self, among other notable online publications.

Emily is the podcast host of Sexy Soulful Success, where she holds a space for visionary conversations with inspiring women leaders to redefine success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.

Through private coaching, masterminds, + sisterhood programs, Emily guides ambitious women toward their greatest aliveness + success by embracing more freedom, flow, and fulfillment through a revolutionary approach to sustainable success that avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness. 

By connecting to the power within, being part of a like-hearted group of women in sisterhood, clarifying your soul's mission, & embodying an approach to taking inspired action that brings your vision to life, Emily believes that all women can create world-changing impact.


*6 month minimum commitment required


admission is now rolling, so you can join when you're ready to receive the support you need to create soulful success in your life + business.