Trailblazing A New Success Paradigm for Women Entrepreneurs + Leaders

Trailblazing A New Success Paradigm for Women Entrepreneurs + Leaders

The women whose souls have arrived here on this planet at this exact moment are strong.

The women whose calling is to create + lead a business at this moment in time are trailblazers.

Although you may not currently see yourself in this light, let me reflect a glimpse into the magic I see in you today. 

For generations & centuries, we have been told that there is a certain way to lead, to do business, and to achieve success. 

There is a deeply ingrained belief system and construct that we are all holding (even if we meditate, do yoga, read the books, and know "the stuff") that tells us that if we aren't doing it that one way, there's something wrong with our approach.

Not just that our approach is off, but also that we are doomed to fail before we even get started. 

We have all these linkages in our brains -- neural pathways connecting different ideas and concepts -- that create belief systems, which reinforce our learned responses and ways of doing things.

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This Is What Happened When I Decided Not To Work On the Weekend

This Is What Happened When I Decided Not To Work On the Weekend

I recently discovered a list in an old journal of mine from January of 2015, when I was new to being full-time in my business, working from home. 

At that time, I had been so uncomfortable with vacant space on my calendar during "work days" that I found any and every excuse to "work" constantly.

It's kind of funny to me now, because in retrospect, I only had a handful of clients, and could have totally enjoyed all that spaciousness and time freedom in a beautiful way, instead of resisting it and filling up the space with minutia!

I had made a list in my journal to remind myself of the magic that happens when we actually create intentional space to NOT work as entrepreneurs.

It can be SO easy to use work and our business as an avoidance tactic, coping mechanism, or even an addiction to mask uncomfortable feelings, situations, and patterns we don't want to look at (ignorance is bliss, right?). 

It's really easy to hide inside our businesses, because it's socially acceptable to be an ambitious workaholic, it's easy to justify because everything feels important, and being "busy" is both exhausting and impressive to outsiders. 

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What Is a Mastermind + Do You Need One To Grow Your Business?

Hey sisters!

The term "mastermind" has been tossed around a lot lately to mean a variety of things, and it can be super confusing if you're not already in the self development industry to know what the heck that means + whether it's for you!

Join me on this week’s FB live, where I will break down what a mastermind REALLY is, and how to know if investing in one would be helpful for you + your business this year.

Plus, I'll share my thoughts on how to be sure you choose a mastermind that aligns with where you're going, what you believe, + how you want to operate. Enjoy this video!

And if you're curious about applying for my mastermind, I'd love to invite you to explore + apply! You can do so here. Enrollment is open now through May 1st!

Love + Light,


How To Trust Your Callings + Lead With Authenticity

How To Trust Your Callings + Lead With Authenticity

Every woman I've spoken to lately has shared with me that she has felt a calling deep within her to bring something to life -- a business, an idea, a new career path -- AND at the same time, that she's not sure if she can trust that calling.

The thing about callings is that as we begin to take one tiny step in the direction of the calling, we discover, learn, and grow everything we need to know to take the next step, and so on.

Callings are sacred and snap us into alignment as we pursue them, step by step.

We forget this.

Instead, it feels TERRIFYING to really trust and put forth the necessary energy, time, & financial investments to bring our calling to life. 

Callings always choose us for a very special reason. 

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The ONE Skill That Will Instantly Make You a Better Leader

The ONE Skill That Will Instantly Make You a Better Leader

There are SO many books written on leadership + business, and so many training courses out there to learn how to improve and grow as a leader. 

Most people think that there is a specific skill set that must be mastered & learned BEFORE you can even start "leading" anything.

But the truth is, you already are a leader.

You influence the people, the energy, and the circumstances around you through thought, behavior, perception, and energy. 

So then, if you already ARE a leader, there's nothing you have to learn in order to become one! HOORAY! 

So first, here's your *permission slip* to get out there, and start pursuing your deepest callings & making a contribution.

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